Thursday, December 15, 2011


I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Tracy Begay and some of the greatest kids in Grantsville, to help organize the first Anti-bulling awareness group in our community. Bullying is a huge problem everywhere and more and more children are involved on one side or the other than ever before. It seems you cannot read the paper or watch the news without seeing the devastating effects of bulling.
For the past year we have been working to educate people and raise money to help get a program into our schools. This experience was so much more than I ever expected it to be. We have heard so many personal stories of the pain that bulling has caused families and individuals. We have even had many confessions from "bullies" and heard their pledge to do and be better. We have seen our community come together and want more. We had our very first Anti-Bulling Awareness Day on November 22 and it was a huge success. We sold T-shirts through the schools and business in our community. Everyone wore their shirts on the 22nd and the Anti-Bulling Group put on an awareness assembly for the different schools.
They were donned the "Prize Patrol" for the day and awarded hundreds of prizes throughout the schools and our community. Tracy hooked up the group with a limousine donated by
VIP Limousine rentals and they had a blast!

Here is the Anti-Bully clan up early and ready to start a very busy Prize Patrolling Day!

Inside the limo where the singing, dancing and laughing never ceased!

Here we are at Grantsville Jr. High with some of the students who participated in the event by wearing their t-shirt. We presented each school with a banner for them to hang in their hallways to help remind everyone to stop bulling.
The Stop Bulling T-shirt design and banner design was Rylie's great idea and I thought it was very cleaver! It is great to be a part of something so needed and to see it have such a huge impact in our community.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Davin's Football Season

This was Davins first year playing tackle football! It was a great season. They played for the State Championship against Park City! We lost, but 2nd in state ain't too bad! He is number 31. We had a great time making this little highlight film on our new computer, we just have not figured out how to highlight him so it is easier to watch the play, maybe by next year will have 'er figured out!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Annual Family Halloween Party!!!!

Matthews Family

Nana & Papa Jack
"Jessy and Woody"

The Conrad Family
"The A** Family"

The Allreds
"Tangled Crew"

The Goss Family

Ericksons & Matthews

The Allreds

"Dennis Rodman"

Grandma Fern and Grandma Toni

The Ekins
Colonel Sanders and the Big Breasted Chicken, Skylar as a Cowboy

Masquerade Madam

Cavewoman and the upside down boy!

"Brainy Smurf"

The Hunts
Dora with the Map and Backpack!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!

This Halloween we enjoyed great weather, it was cold but it was not wet or snowy! The very next day we had Grantsvilles' first official snow accumulation! So I was very thankful the storm held off for a few hours so we could get some fun trick or treating in!

We budded up with the Allred cousins and hit the town. Paige and I would let them out and slowly follow them around as they were trick or treating! They may have eaten a lot of candy that night but they also ran about 5 miles, from house to house to house!

Rylie had a dance at the Jr. High were her and a few of her friends decided they would go as the Alice and Wonderland cast, it was great except Alice's costume didn't get here in time for the dance. So they had no Alice but they had a blast anyway!
Yeah, Rylie is a bit taller than most of her friends! ha ha ha!

Halloween night Rylie was with her friends so the other three got dressed up to go out and Doug volunteered to pass out candy!

The best part of Halloween is coming home and seeing what you got. Then trading it of course! They all dumped, organized, counted, bragged then the trading began. I think everyone was more than happy with the trading was done!

Rylie and her friends even hit a few houses, but she got too cold and decided to come home and pass out candy with her dad!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Someone delivered a pumpkin to us.
The instructions said we needed to carve and gut the pumpkin and
we would find a surprise inside!!!

So we carved and gutted and inside we found an envelope with tickets
that said we were going to Disneyland!!!
(The whole time Skylar thought the pumpkin was from Ashtons teacher Mrs. Aagard. I was not as sneaky as I thought I was when I punched out the spider and ghost. I quickly did it one day while I was helping at the school with Skylar. I guess she had seen me and remembered we had been helping Mrs. Aagard, so she thought it was from her. Then when she realized we were going to Dinseyland she yelled "We are going to Disneyland with Mrs. Aagard!!!!!!!" It was not exactly as I pictured the moment but we were all laughing when I explained why Skylar was so confused!
We drove to St. George and stayed with Mark and Megan. It helped to break up the looonnnnggg drive! Our first park was Sea World! (One of my favorites)
We all loved the WhaleBug!
You can't go to Sea World and not feed and play with the Dolphins!
Doug and I did not sit with our kids during any of the shows because they always wanted to be in the Soak Zone and we did not!!!!! They got SOAKED everytime!
The Shark Emporium was as scary as I remembered it being. But the kids loved it!
Trick or Treating at Sea World was really fun. We thought these mini bananas were so cute!
The Dolphin and Shamu shows were the best and I think all of my kids want to work at Sea World when they grow up!
The next day we went to Universal Studios! It was transformed for Halloween and it was a really scary place, I thought my kids might not recover from all the realistic horror displays and people throughout the park.
Every street was donned with the dead, and sometimes the alive/dead, they were the scariest. You would see and hear people having encounters with them everywhere.
My kids now know who Norman Bates is and I have to keep reassuring them that if we would not have been able to get away from him, that he really would not have hurt us. That he was just an actor! Maybe Universal in October is a little too much for the 10 and under!!

The Jaws shark!!!
These Vampires were hanging out all over the park!
Finally off to the Magic Kingdom----Disneyland!!!!
It was so fun seeing the park decorated for Halloween!

We saw so many of our favorite characters!!!
Pluto is Skylars favorite!
Goofy was Davins favorite!
We all loved Donald because he signed his name with a #1 after it and let us know he is
way better than his pal Mickey!
Mickey was dressed up for trick or treating!
Soooo was Mini!
Mary Poppins was my favorite she talked to the kids for a while as was so sweet!

We did have to wait in line a little for the Toy Story Crew but they were worth it!!!
Skylar could not believe she got to dance with Phineas and Ferb!
We have some great video footage of her rock'in it! My other kids were a little to mature to go out and dance but we caught them groov'in to the beat on the sidelines!
Splash Mountain was one of our favorite rides. Although Skylar said "She almost died, because no one was holding on to her". We showed her that her big sis Ashton
was looking out for her and the proof was in the picture!
My kids thought Its A Small World was dumb, I almost left them in California. It will always be one of my favorites!
Tower of Terror!!!
We had to do a little bit of negotiating to get all the kids on this ride.
As you can clearly see in the picture most of them had their eyes
closed the whole ride.
But it only took once and then they loved it!!! We probably went on this ride the most.
Rylie set this picture up to show the terror in her eyes!
We got a little wet but the water show was amazing!
I stopped begging Davin to act normal when I was taking a picture,
thus the nice facial expression.
Skylar was thrilled to have been choosen to be a Jedi in training. Little did she know that she would have to put that training to use against Darth Vader!!!
She did great and said she was not scared even one bit!
That is the face of a true Jedi!!!
Davins favorite part of the day was picking where we would be eating.
These giant turkey legs were a big hit!
We could not have gone all the way to the west coast without seeing the ocean. So before we left we stopped to let the kids check it out!!! It was kind of cold but that did not stop them from getting drenched and sandy. A bad combination for a long drive home!!!!
(and Skylar caught a pigeon, she wanted me to make sure I mentioned that)

We all had a great time and were sad to come home but loved spending the week together!