Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Dresses....and shirt and tie!

One of my favorite things to look for while I am out doing my Christmas shopping are the new clothes for them to wear to church! It is so exciting when I find dresses that I love and there is one in all three of my girls sizes. This may be the last year for them to all dress the same, at the rate Rylie is growing she will be wearing women's sizes soon, she already wears a women's 7 1/2 shoe, and with Skylar not growing the gap is increasingly "growing" between them.
Davin is not into clothes at all, I really tired to pump this up for him so he would be as excited about it as the girls are but boys have no cute shoes, headbands, earrings, necklaces, nothing. I tried to sell the fact that he is now wearing a real tie, like the missionaries wear, but he still hated have to wear anything other than a jersey and "swooshie" pants.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Family Favorite Tradition

We look forward to the first Snow Fall each year!!! And we celebrate by making a batch of our favorite cookies. We keep track of when the first BIG, (our rule is the snow must cover the grass) snow fall comes by writing the date inside the lid of our cookie jar! It is always fun to compare each year and to make predictions for the current year!
Today was the kids last day of school before Christmas break! So they had their class parties, the BIG GUY popped in each of their classrooms and gave them the yummiest cherry candy canes and we had our first big snow!

After school they piled into the car yelling, "It Snowed, It Snowed, let's go home and make cookies"!!!
It was a great day we turned on the fire, cranked up the Christmas music and started baking.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Davin is not really threatened by the whole naughty and nice thing, notice the bunny ears, he always has to be doing something to annoy his sisters!

I love getting ready for the Holidays!! We have put up the lights, trimmed the tree, and shopped until we can shop no more. Well maybe Doug has had enough shopping, I think I will always be up for a shopping trip!!! Now if we just had some snow things would be perfect! I always like hearing the different traditions my friends and family enjoy during this season, so I thought I would tell you about one of ours. One night for family home evening we let the kids write letters to Santa. Telling him the nice things they have done this year and a few things they would really like him to bring. Then they stick the letters in their stockings and that night the elves come and take their letters to give to Santa, leaving them a little treat, just to let them know that they better be good because "you never know when your being watched." It is a fun way to "send" the letters and then I actually get to keep them (something I love to look back on and read).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Forget Bella, Bite Me!!!"

Our girls night out was a BLAST!! We had great food, delicious chocolates a little Christmas shopping, a lot of window shopping and of course Twilight!!! I think we all went in expecting to hate the show, after all who in visioned Robert Pattinson as Edward? Not me!!! However I found myself longing for the movie to continue. I left the show house already awaiting the next movie.
The movie may not have had the "effect" on me the book did but I still went home and asked Doug how he felt about me dumping Ashtons glitter powder all over him!!! He may have not read any of the books but he was just as excited as me each time she wrote a sequel.

I thought I would be kind and use a picture with my mother in it before she wet her pants.
A weak bladder and failure to understand modern technology like full screen camaras apperently are not a good combinaiton for my mom!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rylie's 10 !!!!

When Rylie was 5 she wanted a slumber party and I told her she would have to wait until she was a little older. How much older she wanted to know, I said oh like when your ten. Boy did those five years fly by and she held me to my word. So we had a scrap'n fun slumber party!!! Rylie and Ashton decorated and I whipped up some snacks and ordered the pizzas.
They had a great time. I finally gave up and went to bed at 2:00 am. At 5:30 I was up with Skylar going potty and they were still up, still playing twister. The last official time before they all crashed was 6:15 in the morning. They thought it was great to break all their "records".
I was a little worried that their parents were going to kill me.
But all in all I learned there are just a few things needed in order to have a great slumber party!
A basement away from the fun and lots of diet coke for the next day!!

Slumber Party 101

Have lots of FOOD!! Scrapbooking is a must!
All night pajama dancing!

Twister Competitions!! And of course pillow fights!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gifted and Talented?????

Having survived for 7 plus years with our darling Ashton, where on a daily basis I ask myself "Why am I being punished?" I was a good kid, I never talked back to my parents or threw fits of rage that made my parents question the possibility of an exorcism. But because of Ashtons head strong personality we have been down that road a few too many times. But just when I was about to throw in the towel, give up, face the music, we must just be bad parents, I found out the truth. This is how it all happened....
Rylie brought home an application for the Gifted and Talented program at her school. She was interested in applying for a spot in the program. There were several steps that needed to be completed before she could turn in her application. One of those being a "parent form" , I proceeded to do my part by filling out the information. I came to a section where several character traits were listed. I was to choose the ones that best described Rylie.
Statement 1: Is curious- wants to know how and why, asks a lot of detailed questions.
I smiled as I thought not so much Rylie more Ashton.

Statement 2: Questions rules. A bigger smile breaks out across my face
as this is definitely an Ashton trait.

Statement3: Solves problems in unusual ways. If getting out of trouble counts,
this is Ashton also.
Statement4: Responds intensely to frustration. This may be the greatest defining trait of Ashton.
Statement 5: Tend to rebel against what is routine or predictable. Are you kidding? For 7 and a half years Ashton has had to go to bed each and every one of those nights, yet you would never know it, for she hates to go to sleep and we battle it every night. (This is where her personality trait #3 comes in very handy for her nightly defense.)
Statement 6: Resents being interrupted from something that interests her. By this time I have gotten Doug and we are laughing uncontrollably.

Statement7: Gets others to do what she wants. With Ashton it is her way or the highway, but she is very sneaky and uses reverse psychology often when playing with her friends, so they don't even realize that she always gets her way.

Statement8": Is strong willed. If there were a competition for this she would win.
Statement9: Is frustrated with imperfections in others and self. And she will let you know it too!

After finishing reading through the form Doug and I came to the only possible conclusion and we wanted you all to know that we have ourselves a GIFTED and TALENTED child! I am sorry I did not recognize the signs earlier, no wonder she has been so frustrated with us as parents she really is so much smarter than we are. I don't know how many times she has tried to tell us that and we just would not listen.
What I really want to know is who in the #@** designed this character trait check list to determine the "gifted and talented".

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Halloween!!! Ha Ha yes I know it's November!

Tooele County School District doesn't allow the kids to wear their costumes to school, which I am actually glad about, even though as a kid it was a memorable part of my Halloween tradition. So instead we get fun Halloween t-shirts that they wear on the day of their class party. We always try to add a little something fun each year, last year we got the striped tights, this year we got a few fun things for their hair.


There really isn't a lot we can do for Davin, he wanted spray color in his hair but I was afraid that might be crossing the line so he settled for a skull tattoo that you can't see in this picture.Skylar is not old enough to go to school, but oh how she wishes she could. But she still wore a fun t-shirt and wacky bats in her hair!

Rylie had spiders in her hair and some fun ghost earrings she was dying to wear!!

Ashton only allows one-tenth of a second for me to do anything with her hair at all, so if it gets brushed through daily, I feel like we have had success in the hair area. But today she allowed me to put an elastic and a spider in her hair!

We always have a picture in front of Nana's house on Halloween. She made a big pot of hot chili, warm breadstix and of course donuts and hot chocolate! That filled us up for a long night of trick-or-treating. We also participated in the town Halloween parade! After we visited 200 friends and families houses we headed for Tooele to see Grandma and Grandpa Ekins. There we had sloppy joes, hot dogs, and of course candy. All the cousins dump their loot, counted how much of each kind of candy they had and then the candy trading began!! It was a fun night!

Pumpkin' Carvin'

Carving pumpkins is of course one of our favorite Halloween activities, I really think the kids like it more that trick or treating! Everyone new exactly who they wanted to carve this year. After many paper and pencil drawings of eyes, noses, and mouths, everyone had their picture perfect face. They quickly realized it is much easier on paper than on pumpkin!
Ashtons "witch"
Davins "Vampire"

Skylars "Happy Face"

Rylies "Frankenstein"

All lit up!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

We look forward to the family Halloween party all year!! This year we rented out the Army Depot Bowling Alley it was a great idea, everyone had a great time the kids loved bowling!!!
The Pirate Family
(we were all suppose to be making scary pirate faces, in case you were
wondering what the heck we were doing)
Davin did us proud by bringing home the
He won the same award the night before at a soccer family
Halloween party, which was great because he did not want to be a pirate,
he wanted to be Michael Phelps, ever since the Olympics he has been obsessed
with him, which is very ironic
because Davin is terrified of the water! But I told him it would be way
to cold to go trick-or-treating in a Speedo!!

Here are some scary looking pirates!

Grandma Shirley
no other than Sarah Palin

The Grandmas!!!

Halloween fun

Jack Sparrow or Papa Jack???
Not another Jack Sparrow?!
Dallin, Laurie and Jody.
Dallin won himself the award of scariest costume,
(he had to make a child cry to claim the title, but we hold nothing back
at the family party, winning is everything!!!)

Whooooo could this family be?
The Allreds of course and in case your wondering how
to keep a witches nose on all night, the answer is
Super Glue, yes I did say that Paige Super Glued Breckens nose to
her, I am not sure but in some places I think that may constitute as child abuse,
but for this party it is all about the possibility of taking home the winning title!
The Devil and the Little Angel!!
Chelsi and Austin

More halloween fun!!

The Bull and the Matador
Derrick and Jessica
The Matthews Family
(notice the authentic Letterman's sweaters)

Popeye and Olive

Kori and Chad


(aka Kelton)

And the overall winners of the
2008 Johnston Family Halloween Party.....
The Oompah Loompah'S
Deanna and Paul

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

but I love him soooo much mommy...

All I can say is I am glad it wasn't a rattler. She was not the least bit afraid. She held him, put him around her neck, twisted up her arm and once we actually convinced her to put it down but that stupid snake just sat there, instead of slithering away to a safe haven, and after a few minutes it crawled right over to her and started climbing up her leg. I guess he loves her sooooo much too!

She did actually leave it at Grandma Toni's "so it could be with its mommy" and we told her she could come back and play with it again another day. Well everyday she wants to go see her snake, because she just loves him soooo much.

Butterfly project a success!!!

My friend Jodi is the monarch butterfly Nazi. About 5 years a go she decided to get some caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I supported her in this little activity because I have created a MONSTER! This year she collected, raised and found homes for over 200 caterpillars! We are glad to be part of her find a home for the endless eating caterpillars project. We take a few each year. They eat milkweed so if you ever drive through our town in the summer and see a bunch of ladies out in the weeds searching for just the right kind of food for our "pets" you will know we are one of the many Jodi supporters!!! I don't know do you think Skylar is excited?
We have a book, that of course Jody insisted we buy, so we could know exactly what was happening at each stage of the process. I must admit it is one of Skylars favorite books and we take it to church with us regularly so she can see the "taterpilars". It is fun and the kids love guessing whose caterpillar will crystallise first.

The days may be long but the years will go by fast...

It doesn't take long to realize how true this quote is about raising a family. I do not feel a day older than 19 ok maybe 25 but when I look around at my four children, one who
will be 10 next month, I often wonder exactly how that happened. I sware I was
just bringing her home from the hospital yesterday. Lately I have had to argue just a bit about the days being long, I could really use a few extra hours in my day. I love that my
kids are involved in extra curricular activities but some days I really don't know how we will get everyone everywhere they need to go.
Rylie was the first in her class to pass both her multiplication and her division facts off in 50 seconds! Good job Ry, Keep up the good work!!!
Top priority in our house is school work, I guess that is the school teacher coming out in me! I thought the diaper changing years were difficult, now that I have 3 in school, 3 times the homework, 3 classes to volunteer in, 3 "parent projects" to make look like my child did them, and 3 kids with 15, 20 and 30 minutes of reading to do every night, I am already wondering what is going to happen when Skylar starts school, thank goodness I was the oldest and not the baby you guys really do get the worn out, tired and old model of a mother. Just kidding I know Austin and Kadee (the babies in my family growing up) got the relaxed, easy going, wake me when you come home way past your curfew and I won't even remember it in the morning parents. So their are some perks to being the baby!!! Which makes me think this stage of life is going to seem like a piece of cake compared to having 4 teenagers, I guess I better start treasuring these moments more.

Our after school life...

After the homework is done we head to soccer, quite a few times we are still doing the homework on the way to either soccer practice or a soccer game. We love soccer and its a good thing we do because we eat, drink and breathe it. Ashton is so much taller than the other girls her age that she is really intimidating when on the field. She knows exactly how to work that to her advantage and is becoming quite a good little player. Rylie has been playing on a comp team this season and it has been really fun! They took silver at the Utah Summer Games in Cedar City and the team is really starting to work together. All of her teammates are either from Tooele or Stansbury so she has made a lot of great friends as well.

When Rylie wanted to compete in the punt, pass and kick competition at the high school I said "Bring it on we will adder to the list" little did I know that she would take first place and that it would now commit us to travel to Tremonton in two weeks for the state finals. She was really excited. Looks like we better practice football in between soccer practices.

Rylie is now in her 3rd year of piano and is way past my limited piano knowledge to help her at all, so I just sit and listen as she practices and wish I would not have been a quitter when I was her age. She actually likes piano and is now learning the hymns so I sing while she plays, until she tells me that it is really difficult to try and play while someone who can't sing is trying to.
This is Ashtons first year doing piano but I think she's a natural. I was a bit leery to sign her up because she is more of an outside, I need a lot of room to move, kind of a girl. I wasn't sure she would be able to sit still for 30 min. each day to practice, but she sure surprised me. She is really doing well and her piano teacher loves her!