Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stadium of Fire

We took the girls to see Miley Cyrus at the Stadium of Fire this year. They sang and danced with her all night, they had a great time!

Skylar's big bag of candy

Skylar went around showing everyone all of her candy! She may be little but she got her fair share of the loot.


Davin got just what he wanted a big cool down from the firemen, he was drenched!

Fourth of July

Here we are getting ready to go to the parade. Everyone was excited to get candy and hopefully get squirted by the firemen.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Scuba Steve

24th of July party at Todd and Megans
Davin is a little nervous around water. He had his life jacket and goggles on and stayed in the shallow end near the edge the whole six hours. We did get him to try the slide one time but he said he did not like it. However this morning he said he wished he would have went down the slide more.

Rylie swimming

Rylie's finger tips were raw from getting in and out of the pool so many times. There was a fun slide that went into the pool and everyone spent hours going down it. She and Lexi had fun reuniting with 6 of the 11 cousins that were born the same year. Almost one a month!

Ashton swimming

Ashtons favorite thing is meeting new people so she had a ball meeting tons of "cousins" she didn't even know she had.

Sky swimming

Skylar spent six hours in her floaty only getting out to potty. She didn't even want to eat, all she wanted to do was swim. The big cousins got a little rowdy, Clark and Todd wrestled Doug into the pool (after a tough fight), Skylar was so concerned we had to try and convince her that Todd and Clark were not mean and that dad liked it. The rest of the day she went around telling everyone "Daddy likes it?!"

BIG Fishing Trip

Doug took the kids fishing while I was gone to youth conference. They had a blast, I was sad I missed it, but we will go again!

davin fishing

Davin caught this fish all by himself. Doug was helping the girls when Davin jumped up and said he had one. He jerked the pole and started reeling it in. That smile stayed with him all weekend. He was ready to move to Vernon so he could fish all day. I guess there are no questions about it, he is his fathers son.

Ashton fishing

Ashton got one right to the edge but it got off. "Dang It" but she had fun trying.

rylie fishing

Rylie was the lucky one this time. She pulled in two rainbow trout, looks like fish for dinner!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Our camera broke so I am really struggling to get current pictures. This is current but just not the picture I was looking for. This is our little angel, she has not only everyone in our family wrapped around her finger but pretty much everyone she meets completely melts and is instantly under her spell. She is kind and friendly to everyone. She always has a story to tell and you may not understand every word but her expressions tell all. She loves to play dolls, dress-up, barbies , school, trucks, soccer and hide-n-seek.


Ashton is always looking for a party! Everywhere we go she makes a new friend. She is really loving having so many cousins around, she is a great babysitter and kids are drawn to her. She likes to swim and be outside on her bike from sun up til sun down.


Rylie loves soccer she plays forward, outside-mid, stopper and sweeper but playing defense is her favorite position. She had the opportunity to escort the Real team out on the field when they played Madrid. She got to see David Beckham up close, she thought that was pretty cool. Rylie is the one in the pink camo shorts.


Davin turned 5 this past May and was finaly old enough to play t-ball. He was on the New York Yankees! He loved playing and did really well for his first time. He was a bit frustrated with the t-ball rules. All he wanted to do was hit a double but in t-ball they make everyone just stop at first base no matter how far the ball goes! He loved playing first base, it did not matter that most of his teammates were out in the field picking flowers, he was always squatted down and ready!

Our Family

This is not exactly a current family picture but it does have everyone in it!