Friday, August 29, 2008

Backpack, backpack!!

Skylar is now the only one home, but she will not be left out of the school fun!! She got her a Dora backpack and has not taken it off since. She wears it when she eats.....
When she plays!!...
And of course when she sleeps!!

She has had it for over a week and just yesterday realized you could put things inside of it, so now there is no stopping her, it is a permanent fixture, we take it everywhere!!

Back to School!

The most important part of Davin being a big kindergartner was that he got to pick out his own backpack! The Hulk was the winner because it came with a wallet! He has loved school and of course his favorite part of the day is recess!
Ashton is now the oldest in her school! Willow Elementary is a K-2 school so she and Davin get to be together for a year, which is great because they walk home together. She loves school too, all the more people to talk with. But her favorite part of the day is lunch!

Rylie is in 4th grade at Grantsville Elementary School. She was really excited about this year because she has so many friends in her class. One of her close friends moved this summer and she has been sad but this school year starting has really helped. Rylies favorite part of school so far has been math and art!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our last summer fling!!

Nana and Papa Jack wanted one more party before school started so we all went to the zoo! We had a great time. After we went over to the house for a bbq and the kids swam in the "cold tub". They all slept out in the tent papa jack had set up, watched movies, and ate snacks after snacks after snacks all night. Giving us parents a great night without kids.

Fun at the Zoo!

One of the most entertaining parts of the zoo, chasing the peacocks, Skylar almost got feathers.

It was very difficult trying to get all the kids looking the right direction before the animals would leave. This was our best photo op with the giraffe.

After seven tries I gave up. The elephant was doing tricks, I wanted the kids to look at me with the performing elephant in the background. I would just get them all looking then the crowd would OOH and AHHH and I would lose everyone only getting the back of their heads!

I swear there was a turtle in this tank but apparently it did not want to be photographed.

Once again, Where did the monkey go? It was there but by the time I got out the camara, everyone in position, it was gone!


Isn't there an age limit to this ride???
Joe Cool, just riding was not fun enough he had to do something different, this was the best he could come up with.

Surprisingly enough they didn't even fight over which animal they got to ride!


Of all the cute animals on the carousel she chose the beautiful pea green
praying mantis! Go figure?