Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Dresses....and shirt and tie!

One of my favorite things to look for while I am out doing my Christmas shopping are the new clothes for them to wear to church! It is so exciting when I find dresses that I love and there is one in all three of my girls sizes. This may be the last year for them to all dress the same, at the rate Rylie is growing she will be wearing women's sizes soon, she already wears a women's 7 1/2 shoe, and with Skylar not growing the gap is increasingly "growing" between them.
Davin is not into clothes at all, I really tired to pump this up for him so he would be as excited about it as the girls are but boys have no cute shoes, headbands, earrings, necklaces, nothing. I tried to sell the fact that he is now wearing a real tie, like the missionaries wear, but he still hated have to wear anything other than a jersey and "swooshie" pants.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Family Favorite Tradition

We look forward to the first Snow Fall each year!!! And we celebrate by making a batch of our favorite cookies. We keep track of when the first BIG, (our rule is the snow must cover the grass) snow fall comes by writing the date inside the lid of our cookie jar! It is always fun to compare each year and to make predictions for the current year!
Today was the kids last day of school before Christmas break! So they had their class parties, the BIG GUY popped in each of their classrooms and gave them the yummiest cherry candy canes and we had our first big snow!

After school they piled into the car yelling, "It Snowed, It Snowed, let's go home and make cookies"!!!
It was a great day we turned on the fire, cranked up the Christmas music and started baking.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Davin is not really threatened by the whole naughty and nice thing, notice the bunny ears, he always has to be doing something to annoy his sisters!

I love getting ready for the Holidays!! We have put up the lights, trimmed the tree, and shopped until we can shop no more. Well maybe Doug has had enough shopping, I think I will always be up for a shopping trip!!! Now if we just had some snow things would be perfect! I always like hearing the different traditions my friends and family enjoy during this season, so I thought I would tell you about one of ours. One night for family home evening we let the kids write letters to Santa. Telling him the nice things they have done this year and a few things they would really like him to bring. Then they stick the letters in their stockings and that night the elves come and take their letters to give to Santa, leaving them a little treat, just to let them know that they better be good because "you never know when your being watched." It is a fun way to "send" the letters and then I actually get to keep them (something I love to look back on and read).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Forget Bella, Bite Me!!!"

Our girls night out was a BLAST!! We had great food, delicious chocolates a little Christmas shopping, a lot of window shopping and of course Twilight!!! I think we all went in expecting to hate the show, after all who in visioned Robert Pattinson as Edward? Not me!!! However I found myself longing for the movie to continue. I left the show house already awaiting the next movie.
The movie may not have had the "effect" on me the book did but I still went home and asked Doug how he felt about me dumping Ashtons glitter powder all over him!!! He may have not read any of the books but he was just as excited as me each time she wrote a sequel.

I thought I would be kind and use a picture with my mother in it before she wet her pants.
A weak bladder and failure to understand modern technology like full screen camaras apperently are not a good combinaiton for my mom!!