Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas programs!!!

I love all the hustle and bustle the holiday season brings! And getting each kid to their right performances on time with the correct costume, and accessories just makes it all the merrier!
The Willow Elementary Choir performed Christmas Around the World. They practiced before school, so I am really glad Ashton loves to sing because she is not a morning person. I was a little concerned about how this would work out but the days she has chorus are the only days she will get up!!!!

(Here she is with her two cousins Brecken and Tate)

Rylies Christmas piano recital was the first informal piano recital we have ever been to. However, in the Spring they are doing a Carnegie Hall Spring Concert where it will be a black tie event for everyone, even the spectators. So in contrast her teacher had a casual Christmas performance. Rylie is quite the little pianist!

Skylar's dance group had their Christmas program. She was also able to perform around the town for the seniors! I don't know what we are going to do with her, she was my last hope of having a dancer in the family. But she was far more concerend about the little girl next to her not standing on her sticker than she was about doing the moves. And as soon as her program was over she said "Did I do good? Now can I go back to gymnastics?" She said that she doesn't like dance because "All you do is stand still and move one thing at a time!!!" I will get her on the list for gymnastics again I guess!!!!

As you can clearly see from these photos Davin loved going to all the practices, dress rehearsals and performances. I asked him if he wanted to take is coat off and he answered "No, I am going to be the first one out of here!"

Sunday, December 6, 2009


At our house anyway!!!! Rylie got braces on December 2, 2009! She was actually excited and had been counting down the days until we could officially call her the

She is a patient of Dr. Horsley who I would just like to add is amazing, and his office staff is absolutely wonderful!!! They make having braces so much fun! Rylie also got to pick out a cool
t-shirt the day they put the braces on. It was fun for her to wear it to school the next day and break the ice for her new shinny smile she was sporting!

Do you work on Sundays????

Rylie got a gift certificate to get her nails done for her birthday and Skylar was with us
when she went to redeem the gift! So I thought instead of worrying about Skylar terrorizing
the innocent women at the shop who are there not only to get their pedicures and manicures but also to enjoy a few peaceful moments away from kids. I decided to let her get her nails
done also, just to keep her busy. She is super hyper and never slows down so I really
did not know if this would even work but to my surprise...
she did not move a muscle!
She sat so still I even had to convince her it was OK to turn her head for the picture.
So my only question now is...
Will this lady join me in church next week and work her magic on Skylar during sacrament?????

Monday, November 23, 2009


Rylie nearly didn't make it through her eleventh birthday, we scared her nearly to death at her surprise birthday party! It was an elaborate scheme which her friends helped out immensely! My sister asked her to "baby-sit" so we could set everything up and get her friends over with out her suspecting anything. As my sister was driving her home she asked to borrow a book that I had conveniently had Rylie put in her bedroom that morning. So, as planned she ran in the house, down the stairs and clicked on the light. That was our cue to scream "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" !!!! It scared her so bad it literally took a few minutes for her to grasp exactly what was going on!The girls played Bunko and some other games, eat pizza, giggled and made it such a fun time for Rylie. I really love her group of friends they are the best girls ever! I had let Rylie plan a "party", even to the extent of buying invitations and letting her fill them out. At school she kept talking to her friends about her "party" and they all played along so well, thanks guys you did great!!! She had always said she wanted a surprise party but I don't think she ever thought it would scare her as much as it did!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

It was a "Thriller" of a night!!!

The annual Johnston family Halloween party!!!!This year we went as Michale Jackson through the years. We had a great time finding our costumes, I am pretty sure I hit nearly every DI this side of the Mississippi, but we pulled it off. The kids were so excited to show off some of the sweet moves they learned off of
You Tube.
Skylar loved the Bad song and was disappointed when she had to sing ABC 123 instead of her rendition of Bad. But we brought home the best family costume and Rylie brought home the best child costume, so they were thrilled!!!

Austin and Chelsi were buzzzing and Brody was the cutest little bee ever!
They took home the most creative costume award!

Jackson the gladiator with his lovely lady!!!

Laurie and Jody came as tourists! They won the funniest costume award!

Even Venus and Serena Williams showed up looking for a tennis match!
(Husdon and Jolynn)

These two won the scariest costume award! These costumes look a little familiar....
(Grandma and Grandpa)
Daxton and Kelton were Bumblebee and Optimus Prime!
Dallin and Taylor teamed up to pull off the turkey and hunter costumes!

Kadee, Andrew, Alayna and week old Brigsen saddled up and partied all night!

And a Halloween party just would not be a Halloween party without Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!
Tink won the best adult costume!
(Paul and Deanna)

This wicked old witch kept all the kids in line!

Chad, Kori and baby Ellie came as cattle ranchers herding one cute little cow!

This family from Japan joined us and took home the most authentic award!

(Bub, Paige, Brecken, Tate, Avery)

It was a great year and everyone had a fun time bowling, eating , laughing and visiting. Can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look whos 4!

It is hard for me to believe that my "baby" is turning 4. She is so much fun, we definitely ended on a good note! She is always happy and loves everything! She wakes up with a smile and keeps us smiling all day, then at night she hops right in bed and falls to sleep with the same ear to ear smile she started the day with! I do not know how we got so lucky but we will keep this one, we have a few other children that may be negotiable, but this one we'll keep!Of course she wanted a picture with the "Birthday Hat"!

Fall Fun!

The Benson Grist Mill's annual "Pumpkin Walk" !!!

All the cousins in front of the original mill.

They have many activities for the kids to do games, crafts, contests, pony rides, hay mazes, fun pumpkin displays to check out. The best part, it is all FREE!

This was Skylars favorite part!

Everyone decorating a cookie!

Fall fun was had by all!

1st grade field trip

Does anything sound more fun than herding a bunch of first graders through the
many, many animal attractions at the zoo! I didn't think so either, so I gladly volunteered to chaperone Davins class! We had a great time!
Chartered buses??? I thought the school district was having cut backs? I guess only
when it comes to teacher pay or smaller class sizes. Apparently field trips are top of the line for funding.
Lunch break! Looking forward to my smashed sandwich and crunched chips.
Good thing I smuggled in a Diet Coke!
It was a nice day, a little chilly but I think it helped the animals to be more active.
Sometimes I think they are sick, but today they were all out and about!!!

My favorite part. Zuri the new baby elephant!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The DARK side!

OK, what do you think????? I finally got the guts up to go dark! Thanks to my good friend and hair stylist Kari, she gives me the confidence to try new things, with out her I would probably still be perming my hair and blowing my bangs up. My three oldest kids like it and after Skylar clarified that I was still her mom she liked it too. She now says "You look just like dad"??? I am not sure about that comment, I hope its just because now we are both brunettes and not that it makes me look manly. Doug likes it, I am sure it is just because it feels like he is sleeping with a new woman!!!lol I am still adjusting to it but its ok, they say blonds have more fun so I guess I will test the theory and find out if my life is less interesting as a brunette!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm a fan!

Doug's company took come clients to the Keith Urban concert last night and I was lucky enough to be able to tag along. Sure, I liked some of Keith's songs but a night away from the kids was what I was really looking forward to....
But now that the concert is over, all I have to say is WOW!!! I am a FAN! He puts on one excellent concert!! Absolutely one of the loudest, make you want to get up and dance, scream your guts out concert.
Now I really could not do any of those things because I had to act "professional" Doug did not want his boss or clients to think I don't get out of the house much. So I clapped and swayed and quietly sang along. That was about all I could get away with because we were up in the suite and not exactly in the action. But the next time Keith Urban comes to Utah I am getting front row seats!!! If you ever have the chance to see him in concert GO!!!! Unbelievable guitar skills!!!!!
Tons of fun, never a dull moment, I have no idea how he did not just pass out! It felt like a 30 minute concert I could not believe he did what he did for nearly 3 hours.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Doug Smiles!!!!

Hunting is Dougs favorite thing in the world to do, ok maybe his second favorite thing to do! But this year Christmas came early for him when he found this big buck his last scouting trip the weekend before the hunt.We have more pictures of him than we do our children. I chose to only share two with you!

Please pay close attention to Dougs face, yes that is a smile, a genuine teeth showing smile. It occured just after he found the buck he was scouting and got him!
Here it is him smiling with his BUCK!

He had a bow tag so for those of you who do not hunt that makes it a bit harder, well a lot harder to get one. So I really was not worried about having to find more space on my basement wall for
another animal, but lucky us this thing will be there soon!

His little brother Mark, got this one three days before Doug, but he was in a different hunting area! Doug was feeling some pressure and still thinks his little brother out did him. But they both have the biggest grins I have ever seen before!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School!!!

WOW!!! I can't believe summer is over!!! School time again. I love this time of year, new clothes, the smell of just sharpened pencils, new teachers and for us a whole new school situation. For those of you who do not know- Grantsville Elementary School suffered a huge fire this summer. Making it impossible to have students return there for this school year. So both Asthon and Rylie are "displaced". I do not know why terrible situations bring the best out in people but it always seems to be the case. Our little community has been amazing. I cannot even begin to imagine how many volunteer hours have been put in to make everything possible for this year to be a success for both the teachers and the students!
This would have been Ashton's first year at Grantsville Elementary School! But now she is back at Willow Elementary in a PORTABLE!!!! She thinks it is great? Although her teacher Mrs. Chamberlain is very optimistic I know she is crying inside having to stuff 24 kids into a space not much bugger than a shoebox.

Davin is also at Willow! His teacher is Mrs. Jennings. He is glad that he has Ashton here one more year (and at the look of things, she will probably be there for 4th grade also). I am glad because the parking, dropping off and picking up at this school is ridiculous, now that they have added 16 more teachers between the 3rd and 4th grade, it is impossible! These two will be walking to and from school everyday!!! "Even in a BLIZZARD?" asked Ashton. "Yes, my dear, in a blizzard, tornado, monsoon, what ever comes our way!" I answered. I guess it is a good thing we only live a block away from the school's front doors!!!

Rylie is now at the Jr. High School! WOW!!! She is lucky, because her 5th grade class is the only one that is actually inside the school, the rest are in... you guessed it PORTABLES. She has Mrs. Aagard and is completely ecstatic about the fact that she has a locker and they can buy ice cream during lunch! I told Rylie this is so ironic, when I was in 5th grade the JR. High was a middle school and I was in this exact room, also during my 5th grade year our High School burnt down. So the high school students were "displaced" and ended up using our school (the middle school which is now the Jr. High) after us. So we went to school at 6:45 until 12:30 and the high school students when from 1-6. It was not until we went school shopping that I realized not only is she reliving my 5th grade fiasco year but that she will be doing it in the exact same fashions and styles that I wore at that age. I think I still have some of the florescent clothes that are now the envy of every 10 year old shoved in a keepsake box somewhere in my parents basement!

This is NOT Skylar's first day of preschool, but she was feeling very left out and wanted her picture taken also!

Even with all the changes, the first week of school went well and everyone is loving being back with all their friends!!!!..... I mean having the opportunity to expand their minds and gain knowledge!