Friday, January 23, 2009


We have searched high and low but we cannot find Skylars beloved "Bumblebee" blanket. Many tears have been shed and she has had to face the world without the tattered, torn, yellow and pink bumblebee blanket. But she has found a replacement, a way to move on.... She has replaced the one small blanket with 10 new blankets. She has named each one and must have them with her at all times. Unlike "bumblebee" which I allowed to join us on our many adventures; to the store, the schools, McDonald's, church, etc. I have had to draw the line 10 blankets are just to many to haul around! Every night she has roll call, "Numbers, are you here?" "Animals, are you here?" "Pinky, Nanas blanket, Boy, Holes, Flower, Girly, Big Purple, and Baby Purple, are you here?" Once all are surrounding her she can finally drift off to a peaceful slumber. Each morning she hauls them out to breakfast, and drags them around the house will her all day! So although she may be over "Bumblebee" I am still looking, I use to silently complain that I had to drag that silly blanket with us everywhere, but now I would gladly take it back!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lucky Seven

Yep. I was tagged, here we go my Lucky Seven Survey:
Seven things I can do:
*Heal minor wounds with a single kiss-I Love that I still have a couple of kids this works for!
*Sing the whole Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song- This is a popular demanded bedtime song for my three year old. The things you do for your kids!
*Get over things easily
*Talk- to anyone, anywhere, anytime about anything!
*Get out of a ticket- I tell Doug I am just nice, honest and not above begging for mercy. It must work, I have been pulled over about 20 times and ZERO tickets!
*Hunt- yes, having my blue card was part of the prenup and I'm a pretty good shot!
*Waste endless hours playing Guitar Hero!!!- In my next life I will be the lead guitar player in a really cool rock band!!! Watch out Pink!

Seven things I can't do:
*Get myself around in SLC- I have lived here my whole life and can still manage to get lost! Even my Tom Tom doesn't seem to help!
*Remember peoples names!
*Sing- but I keep try'n
*Play the piano-wish I would have listened to you mom and stuck with those lesson!
*Stop eating CHOCOLATE- I will never ever ever try to do that again it is not worth it!
*Swallow pills- retarded I know, but I would rather suffer with pain then take anything over the size of an Advil, that is even pushing it some days. My prenatal vitamins I would cut into thirds and it would take me all day to get those pieces down.
*Swim- I fear being in water where I can't touch the bottom or in water where I can't see what else is swimming with me!

Seven things I say most:
*You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!
*Can't we all just get along!
*Davin, leave her alone!
*I love you!
*Hurry, Hurry come on were late!
*What the ...

Seven Goals for the New Year:
*Go to the temple more
*Be more domestic
*Finish the 1/2 marathon my sister-in-law talked me into running
*Drink more water
*Give my scriptures at least the equal amount of reading time as I do my books- lets be realistic just make sure I read one verse before I pick up my other book!
*Take more time for friends
*Get caught up with my scrap booking! Blogging has really been bad for the scraper in me!

Seven reasons I fell in love with Doug:
* He was hot!
* He made me laugh!
* He was smart!
* He was really fun to kiss!!!!
* He showed me things I had never noticed before, everyday was an adventure!
* He made me feel safe!
* He had a strong testimony of the Gospel.

Seven things I love to eat:
*Homemade jam on homemade bread
*Chicken avocado sandwiches
*Oatmeal- yes I really do!
*Diet Coke- not really food, I know but who cares?!
*Chex mix- the sweet kind and not like anything you can buy at the store this is an old time family recipe and I can eat a whole batch myself, I am not proud of that but I can do it!
*Pretty much anything I don't have to think up, plan, shop for, prepare or clean up after!

Seven people I tag:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Somebody call Guinness!

I think we may have broke the record for the longest amount of time a child kept a bite of food in their mouth refusing to swallow.

I thought she was being such a big eater. I would put a big bite in her mouth and then attend to the other five (some were friends) children refilling plates, getting drinks, getting napkins, you know the routine. We were in a big hurry, not your typical sit down meal, everybody was rushing. When I realized that every time I would give her a bite she would get down off of her chair. So I decided to follow her. What I found was a bathroom garbage full of Stir-Fry. Apparently she didn't really like it that well. So I sat her on the counter and bribed her with a brownie to take just one bit of her dinner. All of the kids thought it was so funny that she had been secretly disposing of her dinner that she quickly realized she was the center of attention (her favorite place to be), so she made everyone well aware that she was not going to swallow even one bite. After a few minutes I had to leave I told her to swallow the bite and I would be back to give her a brownie. I dropped the kids off to skating and took a friend home, when I got back she still had not swallowed the food. Finally after about 22 minutes she gagged it down. I guess we won't try Chinese food again for a while.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

better late then never!

Of course I had camera drama at the Allred family Christmas party so I have
had to borrow this post from my sister-in-law, but I wanted to share our fun traditions.

And the moment the kids have been waiting for all year finally arrives........the yearly
ELF HUNT......all the kids are always so hyper and excited to follow the ELF trail or the hints that they find so that they can get to a present that was left for them! It's a great tradition that the kids love.

These four loved playing all day with each other, they are all the best of friends!
Each found their own princess hat and wand on the elf hunt. They finally found their last present which was a stuffed animal that came with a book especially written for each animal!

Avery (Bubb and Paiges), Alayna (Kadee and Andrews), Skylar (mine), Maggie (Aaron and Kates)

We have all tried but we have only managed to bring two boys into the Allred family, surrounded by 9 girls they have plenty of targets to "torture".

Nana and Papa Jack gave all the grandkids fun winter hats and gloves! They all loved them

Here are the Men sporting their new Brimmed Beanies....they were all laughing and saying they felt like Gangsta's so they threw a few signs while they were GQ posing...we were in hysterics!

The women got some fun jewelry and these beautiful scarfs! SO fun

Aaron and Kate are still living away for school so we are all together only a couple times a year, we really look forward to when we can all be together!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh what do you do in the winter time ....

When all the ground is WHITE???
Go tubing of course!!!

ANd there is nothing better than a hot tub party to
warm back up!!!

And what do the grown ups do?

WE make lots and lots of really yummy food!!!

and don't forget the desserts,

We had so much fun cooking the day away!!

The BIG moment!!!

"Has Santa been here?" This is the moment they have all been waiting for, to see if Santa left them presents or a big lump of coal! I love the sleepy eye picture in their Christmas PJs, it's always my favorite Holiday picture!!!

Whoosh we did it! Santa made it!

Skylars Princess Dress up clothes! Davins cool scooter!!!

Ashtons Baby Alive! Rylies big comfy chair!!!
(Just when I thought I was done worrying about diapers)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Presents, Presents, Presents...

Who needs Santa when you have Grandparents????? It felt like we had a party every night during Christmas break. One with the Allreds extended family, one with the Johnston extended family, one with just my parents and siblings, and one with the Ekins!!!
Skylar's new phrase of the day, "When does the party start?"
But we loved every minute of it!!!

and more presents