Saturday, February 28, 2009


Doug had to go to the Virgin Islands for "work" so of course I supported him by tagging along!!!! We stayed on St. Thomas it was soooooo fun. No cooking, cleaning, laundry, waking up early, chauffeuring, bum wiping, homework, nothing but FUN IN THE SUN!!!

This is the Wyndham at Sugar Bay resort were we stayed. It was really nice and pretty much had everything you would need to stay there forever and enjoy! I loved the cool looking trees that were everywhere!

The resort had its own beach next to the amazing pools where of course they waited on you hand and foot. Bringing you towels, drinks, umbrellas what ever your little heart desired! This picture of us is on the way to the pool. Every place there was so amazing!

If you look in the background you can see a rainbow. I told the kids it looked as though I could have swam out and touched the end of it!

There was a lot of wildlife at the resort. This pond is right next to the pool and Mangrove restaurant where we ate almost every day and these ducks were some Doug had never seen before so we took pictures of them every day. We have more pictures of these ducks than all of our other vacation pictures put together. The iguanas are huge and everywhere, we saw like 50 every day. One even tried to go for a swim in the pool. I don't know if you can see in the picture but just up the path are like 10 more iguanas.

Here is another spiky little bugger. I had to take a picture of this bird because we eat lunch with him every day. We had to keep a close eye on him because once Doug left part of a pizza crust on his plate and when this bird had the opportunity he jumped right down and grabbed it! The hotel staff tried endlessly to keep the birds and duck out of the eating area but it was a losing battle.

We went shopping at Charlotte Amalie and walked all around the town seeing the sights. Many years ago they really used these things to fight off the many pirates that tried to land here!

Then we went to Yacht Haven Grande were all the cruise boats and privately owned yachts dock. We did not do much shopping here the cheapest thing we found was a necklace for 20,ooo dollars. We ate lunch at the Fat Turtle and tried to peek at who might be on the docked yachts.

One day we took the ferry over to the island of St. John. This was the most beautiful place I have ever been. While we were there we went to Trunk Bay snorkeling. They have a self-guided snorkeling trail. Its like an underwater museum with signs pointing out various sea life.

This is where the snorkeling trail starts, the water is warm and so clear you can see all kinds of fish just standing in the water with out the snorkeling gear. This is the dock where we are about to get back on the ferry, behind me you can see some of the houses that are on this island, they are huge. Kenny Chesney has a home here, and why not, it is the most beautiful place on earth!

The resort had many activities throughout the day that you could attend. This was one of our favorites. The fire dancers. They were amazing and really fun with the audience.

Yes, she is eating the fire stick! It was fun to watch especially because we were so up close and personal!

This is Megan's Bay Beach, It was really pretty but way too many people. Five cruise ships came into St. Thomas this day and I think they all came here to swim.
Although there were many beautiful places, beaches and mountain scenery, this guy was the one exception to the beautiful sights. I could not believe someone would actually wear this so of course I had to snap a picture. It was only few minutes later that we "enjoyed" the view of a topless woman swimming and sunbathing on the beach. Sorry I did not take a picture of her!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

It was a great weekend! No school on Friday so we had plenty of time to make lots of tasty treats for our friends. The kids couldn't wait for it to get dark so they could leave their Valentines and try to make a quick get away before getting caught! They did a lot better this year then they did last year only getting busted a few times!!!

Rylie found this Valentines hair-do on the She does Hair blog and wanted to wear her hair this way to school on Thursday for her class party. It turned out pretty cute and it was really easy so Ashton and Skylar wanted their hair this way too! They all loved the complements they got through-out the day, Rylie is so tall she said she had to keep bending down to show her friends at school!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Always a surprise!!

Every time I download the pictures off my camera I find many wonderful photos that I did not take. These are always the work of sweet little Davin. He thinks he is so funny and really feels that he is getting away with something when he sneaks my camera and starts snapping away. The last time I downloaded we had to have a little talk, there were several pictures of me in my towel and a plethora of photos of peoples rear ends. We did have a good laugh trying to identify who's rear was who's. And these were not just family members, these were passersby at the supermarket, the Jr. jazz games, everywhere. I did know that he had the camera and the fact that it was keeping him very happy and busy should have been a good indicator that he was up to something!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You have my blessing!

When the girls asked permission to put make-up on Davin while he was sleeping, I know I should have said no, that would be mean. But instead I thought you go right ahead, that little fart would do it to you and would not even ask for permission. He slept right through them putting glitter, sparkles, pink and purple eyeshadow, ect. all over his face. We did not say anything when he woke-up and after a minute the girls tricked him into looking in the mirror. In true prankster appreciation he laughed and laughed, I think the girls were surprised by his reaction but all he could say was "That was a good one"!