Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kane County

Rylie is doing a report on Kane County so we decided to take the kids down to St.George with us and spend a few days seeing all the sights she had been learning about for her Fourth grade county report! Kanab is known as "Little Hollywood" because so many movies have been filmed there, so she really wanted to go to some of the old movies sets! The kids loved this place!!
Of course they were all fighting over who got to "drive" the wagon in the picture!! And of course Ashton won!
Doug would not be left out of the fun, he was dying to get in this picture with me!!!

What a cute bunch of kids!!!

This was just to look at we could not get in so they settled for a picture in front!


Zion National Park was one of the places Rylie had been reading about and really wanted to visit. All the kids had a blast hiking through Zions.

We hiked all the way to the top seeing all three of the Emerald Pools along the way!

Even Skylar and Daylor liked hiking. Sky did ok going up but Doug ended up packing her most of the way down. She actually fell asleep the last 1/2 mile down, she was pooped!

Notice our lovely hiking shoes, we really were not to prepared for this but we had fun anyway!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We went down to St.George with Dougs parents and his little brother Mark and his wife Megan to see a concert at the Tuacahn theater. It was a blast!!! We saw the group called The Nashville Tribute Band, this was the second time Doug and I have seen them in concert, we love love love them!!! If you are looking for a new cd to purchase I strongly suggest you buy both of their CDs! It is church music but it isn't your mothers church music if you know what I mean. Both Joseph, A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet and Trek, A Nashville Tribute to the Pioneers are amazing, I promise everyone we tell about this group says it is their favorite country church group ever.

Anxiously awaiting the show!!!!

I know I look scary but I had to post this because I am in love with this mans voice!!! His name is Tim Gates he is in the Nashville Tribute band but like I said they do church music, so he now has his own band called Due West, which I am also a big fan of, because I it offers me more opportunities to listen to him sing! Yeah, I am in love! Listen for his new song on the radio called I Get That All the Time, ( at least I think that is the title)!

It may be hard to recognize her with the red-eye and all but this is Katherine Nelson Thompson who played Emma in the Emma Smith movie! She was a guest singer in the performance!
This is Jason Deere the main singer, songwriter, and mastermind behind the group!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Mom Song

My friend e-mailed this to me and it made me laugh, I hope it does the same for you!! It is a little long but then again so are some days in the life of a mother!!!!