Thursday, May 21, 2009

Caution SNOW ahead!!!

Lucky for us Doug works with some really great people, one of whom is Martin Snow. Martin and his wife Melanie are race car drivers in the American LeMans series. Their logo is a caution sign with the words "Caution Snow ahead", all their fans, family, friends and crew wear shirts with this saying on it! When they race at Miller Motorsports Park we get to go!!! We get celebrity treatment with access to their private suite, catered lunches, and passes that allow us to go into the pits so we can check out all the behind the scenes action. The Snows are really nice and both are awesome drivers they each won a 30 min. sprint race in separate cars (Porsche is their preferred racing car, of course) and as a team they won the 2hr and 45 min. Challenge Class race. It is a blast to watch and the kids love it!!!

This is just one of the hundreds of amazing cars at the race!

Melanie Snows car and pit crew getting it ready for the race!

This picture is taken from the suite, it is right above the start/finish line!

Even Skylar has a love of fast cars!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where dose the time go??

It felt like just a few days ago I was on here blogging about Easter, I can't believe I has been a month already! Spring has Sprung and so have Spring Sports! In the past few weeks my appearance has changed a bit, you wouldn't recognize me unless you were looking for someone caring several chairs, a bundle of blankets and jackets (for the Utah spring weather that goes form 80 to 30 without a moments notice), a bottle of sunscreen, a hefty stock of bug spray, water bottles, and most likely two boxes of Capri Suns and enough rice crispy treats for which ever team we are watching at that moment!

Rylie is still playing with her comp soccer team the Crushers who have had a great season!!! Ashton is playing both soccer with the Red Hot Fire Girls, and softball on the Hawks team. Davin is playing t-ball on the A's team. And Skylar just finished her season of gymnastic with a darling year end review program. So we are out hoppin from games to practices to games and back to practices every night of the week! And we love every minute of it.

Here is Skylar with her class and during her performance, check out that form!

Rylie playing in her last game for this season! But there is no rest for soccer players, tryouts for the next season were two days after the last game and practice starts next week for the new season!!!!

We also had our Spring piano review! Ashton and Rylie both did great!!!

(Yeah I know, no picture of Rylie ,I can't find it, why it is not in the same folder with Ashtons piano recital pictures I do not know?????

Ashton loves softball!!! She plays first and third. She is a pretty good hitter too!!!

T-ball is always good for a laugh. Some of these kids are so little they make Davin look like one of the coaches. Especially compared to his team, they are all the size of this kid standing next to Davin, it is so funny to see them in a huddle. Most of them don't even know why they are there. Some are out picking dandelions, some playing in the dirt and last week one of our players got down on all fours and licked the dirt, yeah no one knows why, its just what happens at t-ball!!!