Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wasatch Back!

Dougs boss decided to put a team together to run in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay competition! And Doug was asked to join them! This is a race that goes from Logan to Park City, 188 miles of fun! Your team consists of 12 people each person running several miles over a two day (or how ever long it takes you) period. The races motto is Run. Drive. Sleep?Repeat.Hear is the Presidio half of the team all geared up and ready to run!!!!Although Doug has never really ran before in his life, he did great for his team. In case you did not read that with enough animosity in your voice I will tell you that although I am proud of him it really ticked me off that he just decided to run one day and off he goes pumping out a 8 minute mile. Men.... it just is not fair!

Look at that form!!!! I am sure that as soon as Doug sees I have blogged about this he will try to delete it so I hope someone gets to see this!!!!!

The last few legs of the race they really were trying anything they could to keep motivated. However, is does not look like this bag of cookies is what Matt wants, maybe they should have tried good old Gatorade!!!
Here they are "trying" to sleep while the other van is running. But Doug said there was too much excitement and way to many people to get any sleep!

Doug in the van waiting for his turn. This leg of the race he had to run at 1:00 in the morning!

There team finished 145th out of 436 teams not bad!!!!

Girls day out!

Ashton looks up to Rylie so much that whatever Rylie does Ashton must also. When Rylie turned 8 my mom went with me to help pick out a dress. We ended up making some "traditions" that we really did not realize we were making. But Ashton remembered every detail of Rylies trip and very sincerely asked when we would be having the "girls day out" with her!
So we planned it! And of course she wanted Rylie to be there with her. (Lucky Rylie)!!!
It starts with a trip to the spa to get a pedicure, since "she will be barefoot during her baptism!"

Followed by a manicure, we need to have those hands looking good for the big day!They both decided to go with a Fourth of July theme, since we were so close to that holiday!!Next is was off to get her ears pierced! This was a very difficult decision for her. She wanted to do it soooooo bad but was absolutely terrified!

This is the look of pure fear! But she did it and was soooo glad she did!

She hates looking at this picture she says it makes her want to cry again, but she also admits that is really did not hurt that bad she was more scared than anything.
After she got the ear piercing over with we were ready to focus on finding the perfect dress! This was the second dress she tried on and she fell in love. She thinks she looks like Cinderella !
After we found the dress it was off to look for shoes! Rylie and Ashton would not stop trying on all these crazy drag queen style shoes. These were one of our favorites! It was a fun day! Davin turns 8 next, I wonder what we are going to do special for him? I don't think he will want a mani or a pedi and ear piercing is out of the question!!!

Ashtons Eight!

Ashton had been looking forward to this birthday ever since Rylie turned 8!
She wanted to do everything exactly like Rylie! So that of course meant that the birthday
party had to be held at the Lion house in SLC. It is not your typical "party" but they
do make the birthday girl feel very special!

They do some fun things, like the cake for example, has a hidden gumball in it. Whoever gets the slice with the gumball is suppose to have good luck for the year. So the kids are super excited to start eating their piece! And it is delicious Lion house recipe cake! YUMMY!!!

The kids get to go on a tour, play some old fashion games like the ones Brigham Youngs 70 plus kids use to play, pull taffy, hear some funny stories about Brigham Young all the while filling their party bags with fun treats and reminders of the stories they have heard!

They get to have a tea party! With a light lunch that Asthon selected from their party menu!

The birthday girl gets to wear a crown during the party and before she goes she gets a smaller crown to take home. Rylie wore hers to her baptism so of course Ashton wants to do the same.

They also get to pick out a porcelain doll to take home! She got to choose the hair color of the doll so it would match hers!

The weather was so nice, finally a day with no rain, that we got to go out into the garden terrace to open presents!
Here are all the kids ready to fight the traffic and road construction to get back home!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ready, Aim, Fire

According to Davin this is the only way to pull a tooth out!
First: You must have a loose tooth!
Second: Tie a string around the "said" tooth
Third: Tie the other end to a foam bullet!
Fourth: You got it! stick the bullet in the gun and

Boys are so much fun! He is always coming up with crazy plans and schemes! I want to kill him 90% of the time but I just can't he is so dang funny! He gets away with murder around our house because we start laughing before we can start disciplining and he knows if he can get us laughing he has got us right where he wants us!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Utah Summer Games!!!!

Cedar City or BUST!!!!!!

This is the second year Rylies team has gone down to SUU for the summer games, it is a fun trip. I love Cedar City and SUU so it is fun for Doug and I to go back and show the kids were we first lived after we were married, were we lived before we were married, were we worked, ect. Yeah they were pretty uninterested in all that, all they wanted to do was win some soccer games!!!

Opening Ceremonies is always a blast!!! They hold an opening social for all the athletes, were they feed them and they have big blow up slides and bouncy houses for them to play on. Rylie went to that with her team so no pictures!

At the ceremonies they have the running of the torch, this year one of the runners was Amy Christiansen Palmer, a Grantsville celebrity, and someone my kids knew!!!
Each and every player down at SUU for the games gets to walk around the track for the "Parade of Athletes" there are a lot of kids down there doing everything from soccer to gymnastics to paintball to fencing. It is pretty exciting when they all get together to party!

All the athletes get to stay down on the field for a concert and fireworks show! We peons have to stay in the bleachers, but that did not stop us from singing and dancing all night!!!

Preparing for the game was very important or maybe just a lot of fun!!

Painting up the cars is a must!!! We did our car and the team did all the coaches cars!!!

Face paint and blue hair die I am sure will help us win and if not we look unified!!!

Blue and white pok-a-dot fingernails and toenails was the super secret weapon the girl were sure would get us a win!!!

Game time, was not so great!! We played ok but not how these girls usually play! Maybe we partied a little to much??? But it was fun and a great experience!

Killing time in between games was a lot of fun!!! Last year we found this little "pond" full of tadpoles and the kids caught a bunch of them, so this year we had to go back and see if there were any more. Lucky us there were thousands!!!! So the kids jumped in a caught a bunch to bring home.... yeah stinky, smelly, wet and slimy, tadpoles in the same car with sweaty, stinky smelly kids, we hardly even noticed they were there!!!!

I think this was probably Davin favorite part of the trip!

We had an amazing park right next to one of the soccer fields we played on,
the kids were loving it!

Well the games are over, we did not receive a medal, but we'll be back!

I am not sure who these guys are that hitched a ride home with us!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Way to Go ASHTON!!!!

We finished the softball season with a big Splash over at the complex. It may have been 68 degrees outside but that did not stop these girls from swimming.

After swimming for a few hours they had the awards ceremony and announced the first, second and third place teams in each age group. Then they announced the ALL-STAR team!
ASHTON was so excited when they called her name!

Each girl was called up and got to stand on the table benches so we could all see who they were then they announced the Coaches. I only knew one of them but it should be fun!!!

Here is the team, they may look like drowned rats right now but I think we will have a great team. Ashton was thrilled that her best friend Hannah made the team too!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a way to start the Summer!

I do not know how this happened I put sunscreen on at least 200 hundred people during the End of the School Year Party but some how I managed to skip my red-headed, freckle-faced, fair skinned little boy!


Don't mind the spiderman tattoo. I hate those things but he loves them so he sticks them in places I won't see them, like on his stomach!

Yeah, I new it was bad the first day but the second day brought forth a new level of sunburn that I have never witnessed before. Blisters the size of silver dollars.

He has been pretty dang tough considering his situation in fact I have cried more than he has over this whole thing!

Things are getting a little better, the third night was his best night sleeping, he only woke up once needing a new cold rag and a Tylenol! I know that life is full of live and learn situations I just hate when my life lessons hurt my kids. I will never ever forget sunscreen again. I hope this can be a friendly reminder for you all to