Monday, July 20, 2009

Bryce Canyon 1/2 marathon

Oh yeah!!! I finished the Bryce Canyon 1/2 marathon! I was just as surprised as anybody when I rounded the corner after 13+ miles and saw the finish sign. This picture is actually staged, they let me sneak in while no one was finishing to snap a picture. Doug was not there to see me really cross the finish line, I was way faster than he had planned on me being. Just kidding the traffic was a lot worse and they could only go as fast as the pilot car through the canyon. But is was ok we faked it!

I never thought I would say this but it was really fun! I am new to the running world but I would suggest the Bryce Canyon half to who ever is looking to run a 1/2 marathon. It was a beautiful run, perfect weather and enough down hill to make the up hills not seem so bad!

I ran with my sister-in-law. This was all her idea, and I am glad she dragged me along. There may have been a bit of kicking and screaming a few weeks ago when I started training, but over all it was a blast!

Here we are me, Megan (my sister in law), Laura (Megans sister), and Clint (Lauras fiance). We all were in this together!!

This is after the race. We needed to stretch our legs a bit!

The head band is so flattering I know, but if I do not wear that thing I would not be able to see because the sweat would be running into my eyes!!! It took me 2 hours and 23 min. to run and I am proud to say that I did run the whole 13.whatever miles this race was. I had two goals not to walk and to run a 10 min. mile. I 'm not quite sure about the 10 min. mile part. It took us around 2 minutes to get up to the starting line and there were the lines at the bathroom break that were included in my total time. However, I ran the whole blasted time so I felt ok about it and besides there is always next year right??????

If anyone is interested we could run together next year! Just let me know!!! I am committing Doug, Paige and Mark whether they want to or not! I am serious let me know we will have a blast!

Ashtons big day!

Ashton was baptised on July 5th it was a Sunday! We do not have a combined stake baptism. Ashton had the whole day to herself. She chose the hymns we sang, who gave the prayers, and who spoke on baptism and the holy ghost! It was so special to have so many members of our family there!
After the baptism everyone about 50 people ( I love that so many members of our family live so close) came over for desserts that Ashton picked out!I can't believe she is 8 already! I know she is taking this baptism thing very serious
and is truly trying to make better choices and be a good example to her little brother and sister and to her friends!
Ashton with her Great-grandma Curtin
She is the only great my kids have ever had on the Ekins side!!
Ashton with Great-Grandma Toni! Ashton with her Great-grandpa Dick and Great-Grandma Shirley! This picture is very special to me because you have to be very quick and sneaky to get my grandpa in a picture. This may be the only one they have together!

Ashton with Nana and Papa Jack!
Ashton and Grandma and Grandpa Ekins!

Ashton was so tickled with this bouquet of white flowers her primary teacher brought over for her! She is so kind and Ashton just loves her!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

We started out the 4th with the annual Ray Barrus 5k "fun" run! It really was fun! Paige and I ran together so Doug and Bub could run as fast as they wanted and would not have to feel guilty about leaving us behind! Doug came in 5th but if I would have registered him in the right category he would have been first! Oops! I came in eighth and this was Rylie first time running the one mile race and she came in third! So we all felt it was a successful run this year!
Here they are already to go to the parade! Rylie is wearing the shirt that she made in achievement days! She was so proud of her tie-dying skills she could not wait to wear this on the fourth!
We have watched the parade from Grandma Toni's house for the past few years, it is nice to have a house right on the parade route, no fighting for seats or walking miles to find a spot. We just turn the side yard into a parking lot and we all fit!
This is Deseret Family Dentistry's float! I must say for a last minute entree we did a pretty dang good job!

I love this picture! All the grand kids that were in Grantsville! You would never know this was taken in G-ville in the middle of the summer with all this green foliage everywhere! The rain has been great!

Chelsi, Me and Kadee how good are we to color coordinate with red, white and blue!!

I had to quickly capture the moment when they were "best-friends" instead of how they usually are, pulling each others hair out!

This can only mean one thing......TROUBLE

Later that night we all got together for the Annual Family Olympics!
This photo is from one of the Leapfrog kick ball games. Young, old pregnant, injured nothing gets you out of playing in the Olympics!
The Sponge Squeeze really helped to cool everyone down!Basketball Toss-Poor Doug everyone on his team made the shot except for him!The Football toss and golf were where some teams started to fall apart!This year Austins team took the Gold!!!Bubba's team won the silver! And Dougs team took home the bronze!

These two teams will need some extensive training before next year!

We are lucky enough to have a back yard that faces the city park so we don't have to battle the crowed and we still get front row seats. Paul even added some patriotic music to the show this year! It was another great Independence Day! I love this holiday and feel so blessed to live in this great country where there are so many brave men and women willing to fight to protect the country I love! Thank you so much! !