Monday, November 23, 2009


Rylie nearly didn't make it through her eleventh birthday, we scared her nearly to death at her surprise birthday party! It was an elaborate scheme which her friends helped out immensely! My sister asked her to "baby-sit" so we could set everything up and get her friends over with out her suspecting anything. As my sister was driving her home she asked to borrow a book that I had conveniently had Rylie put in her bedroom that morning. So, as planned she ran in the house, down the stairs and clicked on the light. That was our cue to scream "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" !!!! It scared her so bad it literally took a few minutes for her to grasp exactly what was going on!The girls played Bunko and some other games, eat pizza, giggled and made it such a fun time for Rylie. I really love her group of friends they are the best girls ever! I had let Rylie plan a "party", even to the extent of buying invitations and letting her fill them out. At school she kept talking to her friends about her "party" and they all played along so well, thanks guys you did great!!! She had always said she wanted a surprise party but I don't think she ever thought it would scare her as much as it did!