Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas programs!!!

I love all the hustle and bustle the holiday season brings! And getting each kid to their right performances on time with the correct costume, and accessories just makes it all the merrier!
The Willow Elementary Choir performed Christmas Around the World. They practiced before school, so I am really glad Ashton loves to sing because she is not a morning person. I was a little concerned about how this would work out but the days she has chorus are the only days she will get up!!!!

(Here she is with her two cousins Brecken and Tate)

Rylies Christmas piano recital was the first informal piano recital we have ever been to. However, in the Spring they are doing a Carnegie Hall Spring Concert where it will be a black tie event for everyone, even the spectators. So in contrast her teacher had a casual Christmas performance. Rylie is quite the little pianist!

Skylar's dance group had their Christmas program. She was also able to perform around the town for the seniors! I don't know what we are going to do with her, she was my last hope of having a dancer in the family. But she was far more concerend about the little girl next to her not standing on her sticker than she was about doing the moves. And as soon as her program was over she said "Did I do good? Now can I go back to gymnastics?" She said that she doesn't like dance because "All you do is stand still and move one thing at a time!!!" I will get her on the list for gymnastics again I guess!!!!

As you can clearly see from these photos Davin loved going to all the practices, dress rehearsals and performances. I asked him if he wanted to take is coat off and he answered "No, I am going to be the first one out of here!"

Sunday, December 6, 2009


At our house anyway!!!! Rylie got braces on December 2, 2009! She was actually excited and had been counting down the days until we could officially call her the

She is a patient of Dr. Horsley who I would just like to add is amazing, and his office staff is absolutely wonderful!!! They make having braces so much fun! Rylie also got to pick out a cool
t-shirt the day they put the braces on. It was fun for her to wear it to school the next day and break the ice for her new shinny smile she was sporting!

Do you work on Sundays????

Rylie got a gift certificate to get her nails done for her birthday and Skylar was with us
when she went to redeem the gift! So I thought instead of worrying about Skylar terrorizing
the innocent women at the shop who are there not only to get their pedicures and manicures but also to enjoy a few peaceful moments away from kids. I decided to let her get her nails
done also, just to keep her busy. She is super hyper and never slows down so I really
did not know if this would even work but to my surprise...
she did not move a muscle!
She sat so still I even had to convince her it was OK to turn her head for the picture.
So my only question now is...
Will this lady join me in church next week and work her magic on Skylar during sacrament?????