Monday, March 29, 2010

In a nut shell

It has been a while so here is what we have been up to!
Doug and I went to the Virgin Islands in February.
It was beautiful, warm and sunny!

This is where I spent my mornings, afternoons and evenings, loving every minute of it!!!!

I got absolutely fried and wished I would have used sun screen. It made for a long 12 hour flight home, but it was all worth it!!!!


Rylie and her friends tried out for the Children's Sociable and made it!!!!! There were lots of hours of practicing, trips to Salt Lake, costume fittings, costume adjustments, music changes, and choreography tweaks but it all came together and it was great!

This is Rylie with her partner Bronco (we were forbidden to call any of them couples during practice, they were strictly dance partners) .


Davin got glasses, he loves being able to see but doesn't really love the glasses!


My brother Aaron and his wife Kate made a quick trip out to see everyone and to bless their newest additions to the family TWINS Annie and Aubry!


We had a St.Patrick's Day party were we all made leprechaun catchers. All the kids were ready with their wishes to be granted the next morning after they caught the leprechaun but he was way too tricky and just left them all a treat!


I painted Davins room. He wanted a camo/hunting room, so with Paiges help that is just what he got. Although dead animals are not really to my taste in home decor, it turned out pretty cute and he loves it!

I am sure this is offensive to some people but Davin thought it was hilarious!