Sunday, June 27, 2010

Way to go Rockies!!!!!

Davin had a great baseball season and we were sad to see it end!He played first base and really did a great job!

Batting was his favorite part of the game and he tried all season to get a Grand Slam!! He got close making it all the way to 3rd base but just couldn't make it in!

He had a fun team. The first words out of his mouth all season long were " Do I have a game or practice today?" The days when he had neither were long for him but he filled it with hours of backyard practicing!

This was his first year in coach pitch and he loved it!!!! He was also selected as one of the alternates for the 8 and under All-star team. He was so happy!!!! He was able to play in the first tournament they were in and he hit a great ball (off of a kid pitcher) giving our team the first two points on the board! He will only get to play in the other tournaments if someone can't be there but he doesn't care, he loves just going to the practices!!!

Last Day of School Fun!!!

We had our annual last day of school party! It was great! The weather cooperated and even though there were a billion kids they all got a long great together! We were so excited to have Aaron and Katie's kids here to celebrate with us!

A bunch of kids in the "safe" pool!

The one thing we never lack is the amount of snacks available to all the sun bathing, slip sliding, wet and wild celebraters!

It is a fun day for the grown ups as well because we sit around nibbling on all the snacks, talking & laughing and most importantly making sure no one gets hurt!

Skylar even got to invite some friends from preschool over this year!

Making her feel as big as her sisters and brother!

Circle bone surgery!

Skylar came up to me one day and said "look at my circle bone", I tilted her head back and said, "WOW that's weird, I wonder what that is." So it was off to the Dr. to find out. Her doctor had almost the same response I did and sent me off to Primary Children's Hospital to see a specialist. His response was very similar to the rest of ours and said "We won't know for sure what we are dealing with until we go in and remove it." So that day we scheduled a date for surgery. Skylar was so excited, (ya she really didn't understand what was going on) all she knew was she was getting a lot of attention and some cool new pj's.

Primary Children's Hospital was amazing. They were so great with her, they thought of everything she may have a question about and answered it and even some we would have never thought of. She loved the doll she got and was able to draw a face on her while we waited, she also love the magic wand she used to open the doors back to the surgery room.

She was an "ideal patient" and her doctor met me in the parent waiting room and told me that her "circle bone" was actually a thyroglossal duck cyst. Which is good and non threatening, but that her cyst had a track ( I pictured it like a tail) that connected the cyst to the back of her tongue and it just happened to go through her throat bone. So in surgery they had to clip her throat bone and remove part of her tongue in order to remove the entire cyst. He thought she may need to stay overnight for recovery but she was a trooper and we were out of there just a few hours later.
Things were looking great until this showed up.......

Ya, I think the circle bone looked less threatening. So we went back and of course that was not typical so now we are on "watch". Which means we will watch it to see what other abnormal things happen, then the doctor will decide if we need another surgery or if she will eventually be ok. But, you would never know by watching her that she even had surgery. The very evening we got home she wanted to go jump, and although I was informed she was to have soft foods like applesauce and bananas, the first thing she eat was a chocolate chip cookie, I quickly tried to stop her but down it went and she was fine and has been ever since.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5th grade bike hike

It is a great right of passage to complete 5th grade and attend the annual 5th grade bike hike. This is where all 5th graders attempt to ride their bikes from the school to the Deseret Peak Complex which is 8 miles away.
I was excited to helmet up and ride along side Rylie and her class!
Here we are waiting for the police escort! There were lots of kids and parents up for the challenge!
It was a very very (60 mile per hour) windy day and on a few stretches of the road it was easier to push the bike than try to ride it!
Rylies bike got a flat tire about a mile away from our destination. So I gave her mine and put hers on the trailer that at this point was filled with bikes that had flats, people who had wrecked, or those who just could not contend with the wind any longer. I was going to hop in one of the cars trailing behind us but there was no room so I decided just to run the last mile.

Here we are, we all made it and the reward of ice cream sandwiches, pizza, drinks and a few hours of swimming made it all worth it. The ride back to the school was a little easier, they were wetter but it was more down hill!

Dancing Queen!!!!

Skylar had her spring dance recital on May14th.
Her Dancing Queen costume was her favorite!

Here she is back stage getting some glitter lip gloss and a sparkle sticker.
There were A LOT of little girls in this room, the girls that helped had a long night a head of them.

Here she is rocking the Dancing Queen !

This was the Sleepy Dance. Skylar was so happy when her teacher told her these could be her new pj's, she loved how "slippery" they felt!

It was a fun night and she did great!!! This is the finale, coming to take their final bow!
She did great but all year she was just biding her time until she could quit dancing and get back to what she "really loves" gymnastics!

Lov'in Laser Tag

Davin Turned 7 on May 2nd!
Davin was so excited to go laser tagging with some of his friends! We had scheduled his party for May 7th and after we delivered all of his invitations we found out Davin had a make-up baseball game that night. Between his team and the team we were playing it effected 6 kids so we had to move the party to Wednesday the 12. It is a good thing Davin loves baseball or that might have not gone over so well!Here is the whole crew waiting for their turn! Here are a few members of the green team!!!! You are also looking at three of the tallest first graders in Grantsville!

This picture did not really turn out but we had so much fun in the laser room, I think the kids would have played all night!