Monday, July 26, 2010

Lets get Dirty!!!!

Over the 24th of July all the Ekins went on a family camping trip for Doug's moms birthday!
Doug's parents have some property in Marysvale Utah. (a place I had never heard of before) so we all went down to spend a few days in the great outdoors!!!

The new small 4 wheelers were definitely a hit with all the kids.

Everyday the girls did every one's hair (and eyebrows occasionally), with hair color gels, and gave who ever was willing "outdoor facials".

The kids were having fun from sun up to sun down and later of course. Making things, doing crafts, playing in the river, riding 4-wheelers, shooting army men and empty pop cans at Davin's shooting gallery, roasting whatever, and getting as dirty as they could all day!


On the 24th of July we went into the town of Marysvale. It is a very small town but they know how to throw a party!! It started with a parade, where each kid was loaded up with candy, toys, water bottles, Frisbees, all sorts of stuff. Then it was off to the city park for games, races and great food! I could not believe the prizes they were giving away and neither could my kids. Rylie did not even want any tickets at first, but when the younger kids came back with all their loot, she and Lexi where all about playing some "little kid" games!

Then we walked over to the Rodeo where we had great seats and lots of games for the kids in between the rodeo events. They got the chance to catch a chicken that they could trade back for five dollars. Skylar was laughing so hard she couldn't even see where the chicken was through her tears of laughter. Davin and Ashton touched feathers but no one in our family ended up with the half plucked chicken. The older kids chased a cow with a ribbon tied to its tail, whoever ended up with the ribbon got themselves 10 bucks. Rylie and Lexi did not even try to go after it. When I asked Rylie what she was doing out there she replied " That thing had horns , I wasn't going after it".

But the highlight of the day was the FISH RODEO. All the kids entered into this big cemented area. They filled it up with about 6-7 inches of water and then dumped in over 200 trout. After that is was a free for all. They had to use their hands but whatever they caught they could keep!
It looks like fish for dinner tonight!!!!!

Skylar was so sad when we told her the fish was not a pet but rather her dinner. She was convinced that if we just filled up the tub at home her fish would come back alive and could be her pet!

The kids had fun walking through the little town and seeing the sights!


We all loved the day we spent at the lake.
Rylie tried water skiing, but didn't really like it too well but we were proud of her for trying. Grandpa thought he could water ski from the sitting, relaxed position just off the shore but he could not get up, not that way anyway!

Everyone splashed and played around all day, no one wanted to leave to go back to camp we were having so much fun!

The tube was probably everyone funnest part of day. They even loved getting thrown off!

One the way home we stopped at Big Rock Candy Mountain that is just a few minutes outside of Marysvale. It is really worth seeing. Our kids thought it should be renamed to Big Carmel Sunday Mountain, I agreed!

We had so much fun we already have it on our calendars for next year!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 4th of July

It is now a tradition for all the families to have their picture taken in front of Grandma Toni's house with the flag! It is a great way to start the day, reminding the kids about what the flag stands for, what Independence Day really means and to give thanks to all of those who have and are defending our country!
I love this picture with all the kids in their RED, WHITE, and BLUE waiting for the parade to start!
The parade was great the kids were loaded up with candy, flags, frisbees, cool 3-D glasses for the fireworks show and popsicles! Then it was off to the park where there was FOOD, FROGS, FISH & FUN, for everyone!!!!
(Lucky us there are several fish in each bag)

Even luckier were the three older kids who got giant frogs to take home and ......... yeah, what exactly am I suppose to do with this frog??????? Do they eat fish? Because I happen to have a few of those I would like to get rid of.

Skylar loved all the blow-up activities. The rock climbing or in her case rock sliding was one of her favorite.

Here she is being drug up the wall as she holds on and smiles for the pictures!

My parents were able to have almost all of their grand kids in one spot, we were only missing Brecken and Tate, they were on a float with their dad!

As if we had not had enough to eat, we had a fried chicken party that evening at Deanas, complete with team Olympics, minute to win its, and lots of laughs.
Before the fireworks Taylor, set up his DJ equipment and we couldn't help but start dancing.
"Land of the Free because of the Brave"
was a line on one of the floats and I thought it was a great way to end the day, remembering all of those who have given their lives for us!!!

One Hot Ticket!!!!

Ashton turned 9 on July 25th so of course that meant party time!!!!
We decided to have a Red Carpet Late Night Movie Party!
( It was a mouthful but we got it all in!) All of her guests dined at the 5 star Backyard Pizza Parlor, had a toilet paper dress designing contest and walked the red carpet.
(I failed to properly train my paparazzi, there for I have no pictures of those events)
But I did get some shots of the outdoor movie.... Rylie and Lexi even volunteered to cater the event.Here you can see them getting served their movie treats!
They are all such great girls it was fun to have them all over!