Monday, September 27, 2010

Tooth Fairy?????

Skylar lost her first tooth. I am still not sure exactly what or how it happened? She was at gymnastics when the loose tooth was first discovered so I am wondering if she knocked it on something. She seems a little young to be loosing teeth. All I know is she was ecstatic. I have never seen a child so excited for the tooth fairy to come.That being said, she did have a major melt down when it actually feel out. She started crying, so hard we could not understand her, and none of us knew why. Finally she held out her little hand and in the middle of her palm was a shiny white morsel of a tooth. That was when I realized what was causing the tears. I explained that it had to come out in order to leave it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Luck for her she has older siblings who happily explained the whole thing to her and replaced the tears with utter joy and anticipation. She could hardly fall to sleep that night she was so excited. And can you believe that our tooth fairy nearly forgot to do her job. Not only is she cheap ( Or so I have been told by every single one of my children every single time they lose a tooth... So n'so gets 5.00 for their teeth, and some of their friends get 20.00 per tooth. So, it is confirmed our tooth fairy is cheap) But there have also been countless times she has completely stood us up. So I am looking for a replacement tooth fairy if any of you know any good ones I am hiring!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Can anyone tell me why my new family picture is a quarter of the size I wanted it to be? I just removed the old one and selected this one to replace it? I dont' get it????

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Dayz!!!

Even though I felt like summer flew by my kids were as excited as ever to get back to school!
Davin is in 2nd grade his teacher is Mrs. Nicholls. I showed him this picture of me in 4th grade with Mrs. Nicholls when she was my teacher. I also worked with her when I was teaching. I loved her as a teacher, as a co-worker and as the teacher of my children. She is wonderful! Other than the style of clothes I think she looks exactly the same, I hope I age that well!

I am the tallest one in the back. That was always my permanent spot, I never got to stand by the teacher I was always too tall, I am still a little ripped about that!

Ashton has Mrs. Walker and is in 4th grade! She is in a portable again this year, but this should be the last time because the new school is coming along great!!

This is the progress on the new school , I am amazed at how far they have come!

Rylie is in the Jr. High building, but is not technically a Jr. high student. She is only in 6th grade this year. Did I just say ONLY, I mean I cannot believe I have a child old enough to be in 6th grade, how old am I again????
Already we have had some great conversation. Like this one...

me: Rylie who was that girl?

Rylie: Oh, she is in my class.

me: Oh, I have never seen her before.

Rylie: Yeah, I don't think you know her, her mom is a pole dancer, and I am

pretty sure you two don't run in the same circles.

me: Oh, right.

me, in my head: Did she just say pole dancer? And does she really know what that is???? Maybe we need to have another mother-daughter talk.

Also, I was forbidden to walk in and take a picture of her at her desk, sniff sniff, she is really growing up!

Last but not least, Skylar started 4 year old preschool at Miss Karmas Kiddie Korner!!!
Skylar loves everything, so of course she loves school! She really thinks she is one of the big kids this year because she is in a "Car Pool", and apparently that is way cooler than just having your mom drive you everyday!