Saturday, October 30, 2010

HaPPy hAllOwEEn!!!!!

Well it's that time of year again!!!!
The annual family Halloween party brought out all kinds of spooks, lots of laughs and fun for all!

We went as the Scooby-Do clan! And sad to say we did not bring home any awards this year.

Doug and the kids were mad at me because they wanted to go to the party dressed as their dads idea, even though they had no idea what it really meant, but I had to put my foot down . Doug's great idea was to dress Davin up as Tiger Woods and Doug would be his caddy and all of us girls would go as, well you know where this is going, as his mistresses. I said NO-WAY, and now we lost, so they are all blaming me

Great minds think alike!!! Kadee and Andrew also came as the Scooby clan!

The Matthews Family + Aaron Vera (Megans date to the Masquerade party at the high school)!

Jolynn came as a drill mistress with her 1980's drill team girls!

I Loved Bob's costume!!! Only none of the kids knew who he was! But to our surprise "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was playing on the TV!!!! So I had to get his picture with Charlie Brown!

The Allred family showed up with the TOOTH FAIRY!!! ( Bub had been wearing this costume down at his practice for a few days, we are getting a little worried he may actually like wearing this).

This is Laurie and Jody in case you don't recognize them! Laurie won Best Overall Individual costume!

The Allred Family took home the grand prize of Best Family Costumes!!!!

I've got you Babe! Deanna and Paul took home Best Couple Costume as they so precisely portrayed the actual Sonny and Cher!

We were all so happy to see that Grandma and Grandpa had new costumes this year, we are not sure who they were suppose to be but they took home theaward for Best Thrown Together at a the Last Minute Costume!

Nana and Papa Jack came as Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf! The came in second for best couple, I thought they were great! My dad even painted black hair on his legs!

These guys were great too!!! I was not sure who they were for a minute,

but once I figured it out I didn't know how I did not see it immediately!
Drew Carrie and Mimi, with a cute little Lady Bug!

Ok, I had no clue who these two were and Doug was very disappointed. (I thought Dallin was Wayne from Wayne's World and I thought Derrick was a omish baseball player) because I guess they are the spitting image of the two pitchers from the Giants.
Dallin won the award for Looks Most Like!
Now that I have seen pictures he really does look like Tim Lincecom!

No party would be complete without Lady Gaga!!! Thanks Kylie for bringing her to ours!

Nikki as Dorothy with the scariest scarecrow costume I have ever seen,
I will have nightmares about this.
Her boys were Zombie skateboarders, Daxton was not happy I had to ask him what he was!

Gilda came as the cat from Shreck, Puss in Boots????

Megan and her friends stopped in before heading over the the High School Dance. We had Cinderella and Prince Charming, Deb and Napoleon, and Little Red Ridding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf. (Megan did the make up job and it was great!)

Thanks Jo and Bob it was great!!!!!