Thursday, November 11, 2010

Skylar's Birthday!!!!

Skylar turned 5!!!
She is growing up way to fast! I want to freeze her at this age forever! She is so funny, sweet and kind. Even her brother and sisters like her, she really is a joy to be around!

She wanted a MiNi MOuSe Birthday party
so we did our best to turn all our guests into little mini mouses!

Two of her best friends are boys so we had to throw in a couple of MICKEY Mouses too!

Her favorite part was not the presents, it wasn't the games, or the prizes it was
having everyone sing Happy Birthday to HER!!! It was fun having all of her friends here at the same time, they all got along and took turns so well, I was really impressed!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Friends, Fun and Food...

Who could ask for anything more????

I was able to get together with a few of my high school friends thanks to Celeste who put the luncheon together! It was so much fun catching up with everyone! It did not take us long before we were laughing about larrietts, cheer leading, bus trips (I will say no more about that), sports, teachers, and of course good friends! Pretty soon we all felt 18 again! In fact this is the only appropriate picture I could post-but the others I will keep as blackmail for the future!
We really missed all of you who could not come, but we vowed we would do this on a more regular basis, so maybe next time! It was brought up that next year is our classes turn to be honored at homecoming and of course ride a top the fire truck,. We all promised we would be there, so let this be a heads up to all of you who are riding the fence, come join us it will be fun!

Carving Pumpkins!

Picking out the pumpkins!!!

Skylar found hers first, it did not take her long it was big, round, orange and a pumpkin- she was sold!

Rylie went for the big and green pumpkin!

Davin was happy with his find of the perfectly round pumpkin!

Ashton had the most difficult time making her decision. Should she go for the biggest, the roundest, the greenest, the weirdest??? The sun was going down so she finally settled on this one!

Everyone carved their own this year even Skylar (with just a little help). I hate that my kids are getting bigger but the fact that they can finally cut, gut, and carve their own pumpkins I have to say I am actually happy about!

Rylie went Trick-or-Treating with her friends this year, but she wouldn't go as Daphne so she put together a costume using Papa Jacks big bad wolf mask, she looked pretty scary and everyone thought she was a boy, go figure!