Friday, December 31, 2010

1st party of the season!

Grandma Toni loves having all the family over during the holidays, even when she is not feeling well, she still insists on a big party! She gets all 23 GREAT grand children sweatshirts which they love!!! And does not forget any of the 12 Grandchildren. She is amazing and I love her so much! I am very thankful that she holds this party, otherwise I am not sure when I would ever see my cousins. Being with family is my favorite party of the whole holiday season!

Family Photos....

What a JOY! We took real family photos this summer but I wanted some of the kids in their Christmas attire so we attempted self-photography. Yeah it wasn't great! We set the timer and it gave Doug only about 5 seconds to get in the picture. Needless to say this was the only shot that was somewhat OK. All the rest are of him not quite in position, or his tie in swing motion, or one of the kids cracking up and looking at Doug instead of the camera. Next year we will try something different!
Skylar 5 years old

Rylie 12 years old

Ashton 9 years old

Davin 7 years old

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Festival of Trees!

We are starting the hustle and bustle of the holiday season off on the right foot!
At one of my favorite places the Festival of Trees. (I will say it is much more enjoyable
to go friends vs. my wild, handsie, continually hungry, tired legged, Santa obsessed children, but we still had fun).

Ashton's singing group performed there this year so we made it a family event!
She even had a little solo part that she was very nervous about, but she did great!

Davin Decorat'in

This year Davin's class got to help make decorations for Heritage West Credit Union's Christmas tree. Their class had been working on the decorations for a few weeks so they were ready to put it all together!

It helps having tall children when you are trying to get a picture!

This is a few of his classmates that were chosen to come to the credit union to decorate!

It was a cute tree with a cowboy theme! After all their hard work they got to eat a yummy Christmas do-nut for the credit union as a thank you for all their help!

Rylie turns 12!!!!!!!

We decided to have a video scavenger hunt birthday party this year and it
turned out to be a lot of fun! We drew numbers to see who would be on who's team then drew for drivers. Me, Doug and my mom were the drivers for our teams. The scavenger hunt took them all over the town and caught them doing things that made us laugh all night as we watched each video to see who actually filmed the most items on their list! My mom's team won, but it was close!

We came back and ate pizza and had banana splits while we watched all the videos then it was time for presents!!!! And after all the gifts were opened, her friends revealed a last surprise gift that they had all pitched in to buy THE WORLD'S LARGEST GUMMY BEAR!!!!
(Rylies favorite treat)
She could not believe that it really weighed 5 pounds so we double checked just to make sure!
It was a great birthday, I am sure one she will never forget!