Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rylies First Goose Hunt!!!!

Over Christmas break Doug and Rylie planned a goose hunt in Wyoming. They had planned on going with our friends Doug (McKinney) and his daughter Abby. Rylie and Abby took hunters safety together this past fall. Grandpa and Uncle Mark were able to join the fun as well! Despite the freezing or should I say below freezing temperatures they had a blast!
Rylie learn all the ropes for a successful hunt and was able to bag one of her own!

This day the temps were 15 below zero, CRAZY! They were set up pretty good though in a pit with heaters. Rylie and Abby loved hunting as much as spending their nights in the pool at the hotel. They can't wait to go again!

Christmas 2010!

Christmas morning is so much fun! I love watching the kids faces as they discover what Santa has left for them!This year Rylie is really into Taylor Swift so she was thrilled with a new calendar and a mp3 player full of Taylors songs.
Skylar got a new bike and a baby she named Charlie. She loved the bike but wants the training wheels off!

Ashton must have been really good this year because she got her scooter and Santa even brought one for her sister and brother so she does not have to share!

Davin got the airhog he wanted so badly and was really excited to see that Santa also brought him a motor scooter!
I am sure someone will get hurt riding these scooter but they sure are fun, even Doug and I took them for a spin.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ekins Family Party!

No Christmas would be complete without Grandpa Ekins game of Let's make a Deal!!!!! All the kids wait and watch hoping this year they will leave with the grand prize and not a zonk!!!!
Rylie ended up with this beautiful head ornament... ZOONK!Davin almost walked away with the grand prize but it slipped between his fingers, but he still left happy with a camo hat and head lamp!

Skylar ended up with some really cool socks!

And Ashton traded and bargained so many times I am not sure what she ended up with!

This party is always held on Christmas eve so it only makes sense that we frost cookies for Santa!

Davin ate a lot more than he was willing to give away!
Skylar was very meticulous and wanted it to be perfect for Santa.

These two frosted about 20 cookies they were all about quantity... not so much quality!

Christmas day after breakfast at Deanna's (which I forgot to take my camera to) we head back up to
Ekins for PRESENTS!!!!
Davin loved this giant gumball machine and he is making bank from it, if you even think about wanting a gumball you better have your quarter ready or NO GUM FOR YOU!

Rylie and Lexi got matching sweaters! AHHH

Sky got lots of coloring equipment. Now she can color pictures for everyone!

This year Grandma Curtin was with us for Christmas. She made sure she got all the great grand kids a special gift from her!

Our visit with Sant!

When we heard Santa was going to be at the Gristmill we jumped in our cars and headed over to see him!!! Davin was ready with his supper loooonnnng list! It included a Air Hog! That's it, he did not want anything else just an Air Hog! Ashton was wishing for a motor scooter and let Santa know that she would be very careful and that she would share it with her brother and sister if she got one!!!

Skylar froze up, she could not remember what she wanted so Santa gave her some suggestions she said yes to every one. Thanks Santa for putting new ideas in her head! lol
All the Grand kids got hot coco and cookies to eat with Santa, then we went out for a sleigh ride in the snow!

We also got make some crafts and huddle around this not nearly big enough fire! The only thing missing were Doug and Rylie!

Christmas at Nana & Papa Jacks house

Matching PJ"S are so darling!!! The kids could not wait to open this
present, even when they knew what it was going to be.

All the kids participated in the nativity! Rylie was the narrator and pianist, Davin was Joseph (he was nervous all day thinking of his parts and worrying he was going to make a mistake.) Ashton was the angel and a wiseman and Skylar was an innkeeper and the star! They all did great!!!!
We had great food, lots of presents and great company it was a wonderful night!