Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ni Hao....

means hello in Chinese. Just one of the many things we learned at the 6th grade Chinese fair!
Rylie had to choose a dynasty, then a topic from that time period and write a report and make an artifact to go with her report! She choose the Sung Dynasty and wrote her report on the fashions at that time.

On Friday we were able to "travel" through the many different dynasties, traditions and fabulous customs of the Chinese. Rylie was our tour guide. She introduced us to many great people like Confucius...

Lao Tzu

and Buddha

We also got to see many interesting sights such as the tomb of Emperor Qin, the emperor who was buried with the terracotta soldiers. His tomb has not been opened because it is said to have been booby trapped and will kill anyone who tries to enter.
They all did a great job and we learned a lot of interesting facts some of my favorite were:
*Evil spirits are believed to only travel in a straight line,
therefore most paths in China are zig zag.
* The Sung emperor loved the story of Cinderella and believed she was chosen by the prince
because she had the smallest feet in the kingdom. So he made it know that all women
must bind their feet to keep them small only about 31/2 inches if they were to be
seen as beautiful or to have good fortune.
As you can see in the following video....

Chinese foot binding