Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do you watch?????

If you do then you know that Monday was the final rose ceremony!We have been faithful to this season. I know it is ridiculous, but that is what makes it so much fun!
This was left on my door step Sunday evening. And of course I accepted the rose,
I am after all "in this for the right reasons" and it is just such a
"surreal experience" I would never miss the final rose ceremony!!!!!!
(even if it was a no brainer)

I will say that the after the final rose interviews really surprised me. Emily looked beautiful, (even if she did play with her hair to an annoyingly high rate) she just did not seem as sweet as I thought she was. I don't know why it is always such a surprise to them that their guy had feelings for someone other then them during the show. Do they watch the bachelor????? There has never been just one girl who gets a key to the fantasy suite. You signed up for this maybe you should read the fine print! That being said I hope they make it, he seems smitten!

I will be looking forward to May when Ashely takes the hot seat as the new Bachelorett!

GiRls, GIrLS, GiRLs!!!

With 9 granddaughters (well 12 but 9 old enough to enjoy the show)
how could we pass up nosebleed tickets to the ice capades???

We had Aaron and Kates kids for a week while they went to Hawaii. We were all so excited we had a party everyday! One night we decided to go to the ice capades, its a good thing we all have great husbands who took all the boys and babies so we could pull this off at a spur of the moment!

What are the ice capades without glow in the dark junk, I mean treasures!

Rylie was not sure she wanted to come, she is getting to big for this baby stuff, but I think she was glad she did. I know I was!!! Ashton is always ready for a party, there was no twisting her arm. And Skylar had a smile a mile wide the whole time. She was mesmerized!

I don't know if we have a bunch of boy crazy girls in our family or if Disney is to blame but this was every one's favorite part of the program. We, the adults, thought it was because of the princesses. But we were soon informed that it was because of all the PRINCES that they loved this part! "I like Aladdin the best, because he doesn't have on a shirt" was an actual quote, (I will not admit whose daughter said that!) WOW! We better keep a close eye on this bunch!


We had our first outdoor soccer tournament of the season over Presidents Day weekend. We played down in St.George, so we were expecting a little bit of a warmer situation than what we had. It was one of those freak snowstorms that sometimes come through that part of the state (it seems like every time we go there we hit one of these RARE weather patches).
But come RAIN, SNOW, SLEET, HAIL soccer plays on!
Rylie had a great game, she is a tough defender and an aggressive
offensive player, she is fun to watch !

We did not do as well as we would have liked but there is always next weekend, right?!?!?!