Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SpRiNG!!!! (I think)

I love this time of year!!! And about every 2 or 3 days it actually feels like spring, then we have winter again, then spring, then winter, you know how it is, very frustrating.

But it was great weather for the opening day of BaSEbAll!!!! First we had the parade of teams, followed by the traditional crowd serenade of Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Then the Mayor pitched the first pitch and we watched an exciting game of major leaguers under the new baseball field lights!!! It was hot dogs and snow cones for everyone!!! It was a great day!

Davin is on the Carolina Mudcats! Coach Rounds, Grandpa Rounds, Doug and his Uncle Bubba are the coaches!!! We are kid pitch this year and Davin is one of our pitchers, and he does a awesome job!!!!

We of course would have loved a little warmer temps for Easter but we survived. I think lots of sugar makes kids unaware of surrounding conditions. They were in their shorts and flip-flops while I had on long sleeves and a jacket!

Easter egg hunt at the Ekins! This year Davin and Ashton were the big finders of the GoLDen EGGs! Adding a little cash to their candy loot!

The Easter Bunny found us!

Rylies basket was behind the couch in as secret closet!

Ashtons basket was hidden in Rylies window seat!

Davins was outside in the garage in top of the freezer!

And Skylars was behind the kitchen table!

We also had a fun SuRviVor EaSteR Party at my mom and dads. There were difficult stunts, gross things to eat, difficult voting offs and of course sought after immunity idols! All in all my team lost, and I consider anyone who actually ate that crap a winner!!!!

It has been difficult to remember that we are still in school! But Rylie completed her Solar System project! She had to come up with a creative way to display all the planets. She choose sugar cookies! It turned out very cute and it was super yummy! (Well only Davin actually ate the cookies off the poster after who knows how many kids touched them while it was on display, YUCK, I think he does stuff just to gross me out)!