Sunday, October 30, 2011

In a nut shell...............

There have been several reasons as to my lack of blogging. The biggest being I had no computer for several months, yes months. Then I lost my camera, yep and about 60 pictures. That being said I need to have a few important things documented for my family, because this blog is our only source of "scrap-booking" I do.


Ashton had her 4th grade program "Utah a Celebration"

She chose Piute County for her research project and "float".
Rylie was selected to receive the Mayors Youth Award.
Davin turned 8 and got baptized!
The BIG DAY!!!!


Ashton's regular season team took 2nd place and she was selected to be on the All-Star team!

Ashton had a few singing performances with a solo part!!!!

Ashton turned 10!!!! Rylie and Lexi greeted the guest as the tacky tourists!

Davin's Mudcat team took 1st place!!!!!

Davin was selected as an All-Star!

I ran in the Provo half marathon! This is my awesome team freezing at the starting line!

Here we are the night, well actually the morning of, our run.
Trying to stop laughing and get some sleep!

This is actually what happened all night until we only had 3 hours before we needed to get up and run. It was not the best strategy but it was fun!

Doug and the kids could not come down so they made me this really awesome poster
for when I got home! THANKS GUYS!


We all enjoyed a 4th of July with temp not in the 100's!!! Davin and Ashton both rode on floats. Davin with his All-star team and Ashton with her singing group. Rylie was on the four-wheeler selling things to raise money for the Anti-Bullying group she is in! So it was all up to Skylar to get candy for everyone! She did a great job!

Ashton broke her finger during a softball game! We did not know it was broken
so she kept on pitching, and did great!!!

More, more and a little more softball and baseball!
Davin pitching!

Ashton pitching with a broken finger!


Davin finally decided what to spend his birthday money on...... A rat! His name is Rascal and believe it or not rats aren't that bad of a pet, and it beat out a tarantula hands down!

We started a new school year!!!
Skylar is in Kindergarten her teacher is Mrs. Dahle.

Davin started 3rd grade with Mrs. McKeaver!

Ashton is in 5th with Mrs. Aagard!

Rylie is officially a Jr.High student. Big 7th grader!!!


We went to the Taylor Swift concert! We had a blast, We met all of our friends in at Archibalds for dinner before the big show!!! It was a great way to start the funnest night ever!!!

We waited in line forever for t-shirts but it was worth the wait!!!

We did all we could to get chosen for the "T" party but we did not make it, maybe next year!

Davin won the Punt, Pass and Kick competition for the 8 year old division!!!
"Go Big D!!!!"

Believe it or not, I had my 20 year Homecoming reunion! The tradition of riding the firetruck in the parade is still going strong!!! It was fun to see all of my great friends again!