Thursday, December 15, 2011


I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Tracy Begay and some of the greatest kids in Grantsville, to help organize the first Anti-bulling awareness group in our community. Bullying is a huge problem everywhere and more and more children are involved on one side or the other than ever before. It seems you cannot read the paper or watch the news without seeing the devastating effects of bulling.
For the past year we have been working to educate people and raise money to help get a program into our schools. This experience was so much more than I ever expected it to be. We have heard so many personal stories of the pain that bulling has caused families and individuals. We have even had many confessions from "bullies" and heard their pledge to do and be better. We have seen our community come together and want more. We had our very first Anti-Bulling Awareness Day on November 22 and it was a huge success. We sold T-shirts through the schools and business in our community. Everyone wore their shirts on the 22nd and the Anti-Bulling Group put on an awareness assembly for the different schools.
They were donned the "Prize Patrol" for the day and awarded hundreds of prizes throughout the schools and our community. Tracy hooked up the group with a limousine donated by
VIP Limousine rentals and they had a blast!

Here is the Anti-Bully clan up early and ready to start a very busy Prize Patrolling Day!

Inside the limo where the singing, dancing and laughing never ceased!

Here we are at Grantsville Jr. High with some of the students who participated in the event by wearing their t-shirt. We presented each school with a banner for them to hang in their hallways to help remind everyone to stop bulling.
The Stop Bulling T-shirt design and banner design was Rylie's great idea and I thought it was very cleaver! It is great to be a part of something so needed and to see it have such a huge impact in our community.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Davin's Football Season

This was Davins first year playing tackle football! It was a great season. They played for the State Championship against Park City! We lost, but 2nd in state ain't too bad! He is number 31. We had a great time making this little highlight film on our new computer, we just have not figured out how to highlight him so it is easier to watch the play, maybe by next year will have 'er figured out!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Annual Family Halloween Party!!!!

Matthews Family

Nana & Papa Jack
"Jessy and Woody"

The Conrad Family
"The A** Family"

The Allreds
"Tangled Crew"

The Goss Family

Ericksons & Matthews

The Allreds

"Dennis Rodman"

Grandma Fern and Grandma Toni

The Ekins
Colonel Sanders and the Big Breasted Chicken, Skylar as a Cowboy

Masquerade Madam

Cavewoman and the upside down boy!

"Brainy Smurf"

The Hunts
Dora with the Map and Backpack!