Friday, November 18, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!

This Halloween we enjoyed great weather, it was cold but it was not wet or snowy! The very next day we had Grantsvilles' first official snow accumulation! So I was very thankful the storm held off for a few hours so we could get some fun trick or treating in!

We budded up with the Allred cousins and hit the town. Paige and I would let them out and slowly follow them around as they were trick or treating! They may have eaten a lot of candy that night but they also ran about 5 miles, from house to house to house!

Rylie had a dance at the Jr. High were her and a few of her friends decided they would go as the Alice and Wonderland cast, it was great except Alice's costume didn't get here in time for the dance. So they had no Alice but they had a blast anyway!
Yeah, Rylie is a bit taller than most of her friends! ha ha ha!

Halloween night Rylie was with her friends so the other three got dressed up to go out and Doug volunteered to pass out candy!

The best part of Halloween is coming home and seeing what you got. Then trading it of course! They all dumped, organized, counted, bragged then the trading began. I think everyone was more than happy with the trading was done!

Rylie and her friends even hit a few houses, but she got too cold and decided to come home and pass out candy with her dad!

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